16 comments on “Obama’s Constituency Problem

  1. Nothing to fear, HC. The GOP doesn’t have a credible candidate for 2012 presidential race. Not saying this will be smooth sailing for Obama, because it won’t. But the field of Republicans is pretty pathetic. Their political catechism — cut taxes for the super rich, deregulation of shrewd businesses, cutting down the size of the government, trickle-down economics which has been tested and failed, — is spelling their doom. It’s becoming glaring clear even to a 4th grader that this approach to the economy is a failure.There’s no more message for now to put across to the American people, so they’ve got to somehow appeal to those who strongly felt that the OVAL office should be solely reserved for a white skin. They may succeed in short run, but this success would eventually spin-out the third or even fourth political party In America.

    • Hey mike,
      Have you ever thought about just taking one or two steps closer to the middle? Sigh. The only thing that’s failing right now is Keynesian Economics. And it’s not just failing here, it’s failing worldwide. I know that the Liberal Creed on any issue is, “It failed because it wasn’t broad enough, we didn’t spend enough, or there was too much opposition.”, But, at what point do you realize we don’t have unlimited funds, you can’t force everyone to subjugate themselves to your way of thinking and you’ll always have opposition? I’ve spent a lot of time on Occupy sites discussing these issues and it always ends with “Just take the money from the rich.” How they propose to take their money without them moving it overseas with 10 keystokes is a mystery. Raising the top tier of income taxes 5% (a higher rate than before the Bush tax cuts) would only raise $110 billion a year. Less than 1/10 of the deficit. You love to criticize, but please enlighten me Mike, how do you maintain these debts? How do you get enough money from the rich to end our problems that are growing every day? This isn’t 1972 anymore and you couldn’t even do it then. I voted to hire Obama on false promises of being fiscally conservative, I’m firing him for how he behaved for the first two years when he had utter and complete control in both houses (a super majority in the Senate). Unless there’s a split Republican vote, a major event or scandal, President Obama will go down as the second coming of Jimmy Carter. I will however, save this exchange. Who knows? I could be wrong. You didn’t make a very good case though on where Obama will get the votes, only a assessment of the Democrat opinion of people they already hate. Thanks for the other side just the same:)

    • Let’s see…

      1. Osama Bin Laden…check 2. Unemployment rate 8.5%…check. 3. 1.6 million jobs created with no GOP help…check … 4. 22 months of job and economic growth with no help…check 5. Ended war in Iraq …check 6. DADT repeal…check 7. not one tax hike in 3 years….check 8. Brought out of rascism in the GOP…check 9. Still carry 80% of the black vote…check 10. Same wife for 15 y…ears with NO marital affairs…check 11. Can flat out sing…check 12. Save auto industry and 1.5 million jobs…check 13. Assisted in ousting Ghaddafi…check 14. Only active President to receive Nobel Peace prize while in office…check 15. Mortgage modification to prevent home owners from losing their home…check 16. STILL fighting for middle class families…check 17. Reform affordable healthcare…. check

      Despite what the GOP would have you believe the President has been doing these things and more without the help of most.

      Obama 2012 ~

  2. Hey Mike,
    You didn’t even try to answer my question and instead went into a tirade. But ok, I’ll play. 1)OBL. 1/2 a trillion dollars and 3000 lives later, yea! we killed one man. 2) LOL. It started at 7.3% when he was inaugerated. Your parading it getting worse? 3) Same period under Reagan-7.5% at inaugeration to 8.0% Jan, 1984 3 years = +0.5, your guy? 7.3% to 8.5%= +1.2%. (http://www.bls.gov/eag/eag.us.htm) twice as bad. 4)Your not even creating the 400,000 jobs a month needed to break even. 5)He simply followed the timetable Bush set up, but OK, I’ll give you that. 6) Could not care less, but ok. 7) Depends on what you call a tax. My health care went up 9% in one year-the single largest rise ever. 8) Your party has been singing that song since the Dixiecrats stopped running the KKK. 9)OMG! It’s actually over 90% That’s an acheivement?? Blacks voting for blacks? 10) KUDOs for the Obama Family. He should make himself more of an example. 11) One line of Al Green does not make you a singer. 12) Remember that the next time a union contract get nullified, it’s roots grew there. 13) War number 3. 14) Without doing anything by his own admission. 15) A good plan. 16)I’m middle class and pay my bills-he ain’t fighting for me. 17) Another good question you won’t answer- If it’s so great, why not have it in effect BEFORE the election so he can run on it Hmmmmmm.

    Fun game Mike. Still waiting for how your going to get this money from the rich.

    • Maybe I’m not focusing on your question because it’s silly to begin with. If you think any of the loons in the GOP clown car have a shot at winning, I can’t do anything for you.

      • Hey Mike,
        Or…. you simply know that my “silly” question cannot be answered in a way that fixes our debt problem. Math does not lie. I’m really hoping that your not one of the millions who try to ride the system rather than be self-supporting. Dependency atrophies. This free ride is coming to an end and those that believe otherwise are fooling themselves. As for the election, I’ll see you in November. Certainly it’s too early to be sure.

    • Mike,
      On #4, the number should be 200,000 not 400,000 a month. Sorry, at least I correct my own mistakes. Still, the point is the same. That would be 2.4 million jobs a year or 7.2 million jobs over 3 years he’s been in office, just to break even.

  3. Do Republicans really want to win the White House? Because at the rate they’re going, they might as well just start endorsing President Obama. They are all but handing him his second term on a silver platter. Not that I’m complaining. The last thing we need in office right now is one of those nuts in the White House.

    • But you have to admit, Miss KD…this is at least turning into a contest. At first, we only had one GOP candidate who was untrustworthy, disingenuous, and arrogant. Now we have two! LOL!

  4. I’m amazed at how confident everyone is that President Obama will win despite maintaining any constituency. Is this all based on the belief that the GOP candidates are so weak? In all my political life, which covers 10 elections, I’ve never heard the main stream media say a Republican was a good candidate. Ever. Remember how stunned all of you were when Bush Jr. won? Why do you still believe the MSM when they are always on the side of Democrats?

  5. A few things to address from this article. As noted by others Obama doesn’t have a weakened constituency, as the author suggests. Especially when you compare him to the current field of Republicans. Outside of the current field of candidates, who else could make a run? Christie??? Too much negativity to look at regarding his governorship. Rubio? Not ready for primetime (although you could have argued that about Obama as Hillary found out that might not mean much), Jindal?, Jeb Bush (no way a Bush wins so soon after his brother and his dad).

    Obama only appears weak because the economy is not growing yet. Most people (who are not in the Beltway or part of the Tea Party) understand that these are issues that no President could control. Other than that, he has been reasonably effective in the face of a GOP determined to obstruct at every place possible.

  6. Hey Darren,
    Thanks for your comments, but I think your missing a few things here. First, I’m not just saying that President Obama has a constituency problem, I backed it up with polls via my links. Should I be suprised that Dems and the mainstream media think that the Rep candidates are “weak”. No, I’m not. After all, you were all dead sure “W” would not be reelected. All Rep candidates are weak to you guys. Hell, I bet your confused as to how ANY of them get elected. You should at least consider that your candidate may not be as strong as your media would like you to believe. As far as anyone else entering the field-that’s nearly impossible. You have to register in advance as a candidate in most states, and that ship has already left. It’s nearly impossible to win with the very few states left you could register in. I guess the Republican Party could suddenly change the rules, but I would put the odds of them getting the states’ GOP to go along at near zero. I know the Dem talking points are that the economy was in such bad shape that no one could have fixed it, that there are too many outside factors and the Reps have ruined all Barack’s wonderful plans. However, the truth is; he had an absolute majority in Congress for two years. Most Presidents don’t get that much power. He outspent any President in history in his effort to fix the economy and the results are minimal at best. BTW, I voted for President Obama in 2008.

  7. Hey all,
    More proof of what I’m talking about-http://decoded.nationaljournal.com/2012/02/rocky-terrain-obamas-electoral-college-map-grows-steeper.php
    keep in mind, I’m giving you stats, not opinions.

  8. Let me put it this way: Mitt will probably take the Republican nomination. This is the same dude who won the governor’s gig in liberal-as-hell Massachusetts as Republican Mormon. It’s not smart to sleep on him.

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