4 comments on “My Bout with Lincoln

  1. You’re really surprised? YOU’RE FROM FLINT!!!!! lol.

    I hate that crap! It’s called “nickel holding up a dime”. Everybody wants to be the important person that they aren’t. That time cost them more money than actually receiving a fake five dollar bill. V.

  2. Hey Dre,
    You’re absolutely right to rant. It’s bad enough that they thought you might be trying to pass a counterfeit, but on top of that, they actually thought you looked dumb enough to print fivers….I would have turned on the pumps and set the place ablaze. Ok, I probably would have just walked away, but dammit, I would have thought about it.

  3. Well, I don’t know. You should feel slighted about your bill being checked and not others. But the counterfeit thing is pretty legitimate. I know, that sounds weird. LOL!

    But people use fake bills to get things all the time. And with the economy being the way it is, don’t be shocked to see people being a bit more skeptical.

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