6 comments on “Restoring Broken Trust

  1. 100% spot on! Thank you for this post! It sincerely blessed me more than you will know. I have a tendency to feel like a fool for trying to work things out with other people even when they’re the ones who have done me wrong. I was at odds with how to love them even when they betray me. But hearing your account makes me believe in people again. Thanks again for the great post!

  2. Another great post for the record, Dre! Glad to see the “introspective” Andre back. LOL!

    On a serious note, I’m interested in your take: what are you thoughts on the whole notion of guarded trust? The idea of recognizing what somebody has done to hurt/betray you, forgiving them, but then putting yourself on guard against what you THINK they might do.

  3. Andre, thank you for this reminder. You have given me much to think about in the avenue of not blame-placing an entire group of people because of the actions of one (or even some). This is the lesson I’m trying to learn now and is part of the reason why I’ve taken myself out of the dating game for two years now. After experiencing what I like to call “trauma and drama,” it makes me simply want to put my energies elsewhere. But while I’m keeping busy living abroad, preparing for PhD studies, and the new life that is sure to follow, I realize that it is simply a matter of broken trust that is at the heart of recusing myself from dating. Your transparency challenges my own. I appreciate the wisdom. Holla!

  4. It does not “stand to reason that I’ll do it again”. That is part of growth – learning from mistakes made. You’ve admitted that there was wrong done on your part and that should keep you from repeating the same acts again . . . other errors but not the same ones.

    “Actions are only specific to an individual”. My friend if you can carry that axiom with you, you will indeed go far. One person who fails you should not be an indictment for all others, whether romantically, socially it otherwise.

    I must say, however, that moving on, thinking that Allison well with thee can be harmful. If it takes more time to heal, so be it. Whatever the case, you are never alone and we are never too far away. V.

  5. “(1) Actions are only specific to an individual, NOT to an entire collection of people:”

    My work here is done, you have matured to the point where i have nothing left to teach. Well done grasshopper, as is nearly always the case, the student has passed the teacher and taught the teacher many things along the way.

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