11 comments on “My Darling Condoleezza

  1. Right! I guess Gaddafi likes his rice brown. LOL!

    Man, this is a story you don’t read everyday.

  2. Seriously, Dre. Are you really shocked by this? I mean, Dubya wanted to hit that so hard. What makes you think other world leaders wouldn’t?

    • I think it might’ve been the opposite, Dallas. Didn’t Condi once call Dubya her “husband?” Or was that some political urban legend? I can’t tell.

  3. Muammar and Condi, sittin’ in a tree…

    So, on the real: this story makes me gag for all sorts of reasons. First…Condi Rice?! Eeeewww! Secondly, did the media REALLY have to run with this story? It’s almost like they’re humanizing a total bastard. I hate it!

  4. Hey Dre,
    Just to add to your list. Condi was also the star student of Josef Korbel, father of Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State to Bill Clinton. Amazing that Oliver Stone tried to portray her as an idiot in the movie “W”. Such a difference between the left’s media and reality. I’ll say one more thing in support of Condi Rice, she was EXACTLY what a S. of S. should be. She defended the policies of her boss, George W. Bush. Right or wrong, that’s the job. That’s what Hillary is doing now also. Collin Powell on the other hand, should have never took the job if he couldn’t do it or didn’t understand it. It made our nation look weak and divided at a time of war. Fine for you or me, but not for an S.of S. I lost all respect for him.

    P.S., listen for wmd’s used or found from Gaddafi regime.

    • HipCon, I appreciated Colin’s committment to the troops and his desire to not juggle their lives for what he considered political reasons. He was coming at it from a militaristic standpoint, while the rest of the cabinet (Condi included) were more politically minded.

      But, yes, I agree with your take on Condi in general.

      • Yeah, I guess I shouldn’t have said “all respect”. He was an excellent soldier, leader and general, just not the right guy for S.of S.

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