4 comments on “Nivea and Misplaced Priorities

  1. I’m in no position to offer a comment on this without coming across as the insensitive white guy in the room without a clue. But I like your statement at the end, Andre. From a white person’s perspective, I can say that displays like this only detract from important issues regarding racism. The more complaining we hear about things like this being racist, the less likely it will be that anyone will listen when there are important battles to be fought. Just my honest thoughts. I don’t mean to sound racially insensitive. But I know how many people think.

  2. I truly don’t think that Nivea did it on purpose. I think that they were trying to make the Black dude look like a cave man. Yeah I don’t think that we need to major on the minors. I think that Black men being killed in the name of “White Power” in 2011 in a MAJOR and this ad (While insensitive to SOME, I don’t believe that it was meant purposely or maliciously) is a minor. When we conquer the majors we can spend time mulling over the minors. Just my thoughts. Now while we’re talking about majors, let me get off of here and get to my class! 🙂

  3. Is Nivea a racist company – not likely. But someone(s) screwed up really bad on this one. If you want to portray someone, regardless of race, as uncivilized, show someone who looks like they just walked off the set of Survivor. After roughing it on an island for months, anyone would look uncivilized.

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