I present Dylan Ratigan, a guy I pray will consider running for office:


This is the kind of vigor we’ve needed from President Obama, but haven’t gotten much of. It’s one thing to “be angry” while spouting off talking points generated by the media outlet of your preference. But it’s another thing to offer a relatively balanced assessment of the situation currently presiding in Washington. Democrats “kicking the can down the road” and Republicans “burning the place down” pretty aptly illustrates the nonsensical and grossly ideological tug-of-war regarding all the recent debt discussions; along with just about every issue Obama has been forced to address since taking office.

Ratigan’s rant takes an important turn when he openly attacks politicians (generally and with no implied partisanry) for being “bought” by corporate interests and how Obama should earnestly inform the American people about it. Politicos tend to cite corporate influences on Congress, so this is nothing we haven’t heard before. But what I saw differently about Ratigan’s rant is his suggestion that Obama should bluntly come clean with the country about said influences and let them know – from his own mouth – that as long as Congress is being “bought”, we can expect no real or practice solutions. Well played, Mr. Ratigan.

Now, you and I know Americans don’t handle inconvenient truths very well. But at this late and pivotal moment in time, can we afford not to say what really needs to be heard? In a simple manner of speaking, our Congress (and yes, our President, I believe) have made reckless decisions that benefit the few at the expense of the vast majority of us. Not only has Congress capitulated to the oligarchy without even taking a moment to blink, so too has the President. But if wants to redeem himself (and possibly make a solid run at reelection), Obama has a prime opportunity to take the actions necessary to work the problem. It’s time for him to take up a cross and commit himself to leadership and decision making as closely aligned as possible to our interests and not to the most wealthy. It’s not likely that Obama will, and I’ve consequently lost the vast majority of the faith I once had in him as a leader.

Since Ratigan took to the airwaves with his rant, the clip above has hit the Internet like a tidalwave. But when the buzz about this dies down – and it most assuredly will pretty soon – what would have truly come out it? Not much, I suspect. Ratigan might become a new talking head superstar. But I have no faith in a restored Congress, even when it is called out as vicciously as Ratigan did here.

Just a little random declaration of political nihilism on my part. Back to your daily lives, you go.