8 comments on “What’s A President To Do?

  1. Hey!

    First, thank you for adding me to your illustrious blog roll. Much appreciated. 🙂

    Second, ::SIGH:: I think I am finished with POTUS. He threw education under the school bus a long time ago, and, he hasn’t demonstrated strong leadership. Bi-partianship just isn’t what our country is about; in fact, it hasn’t been for a long, long time. POTUS needs to take some lessons from President Johnson’s playbook. I don’t think any other president could/would have gotten the Civil Rights bill and the Voting Rights bill through. Having said all of the aforementioned, I do think that the GOP has done its level best to derail much of what POTUS has tried to do. But, the country is a mess. And, POTUS is speaking in Michigan today re: jobs?! I believe in miracles. But, POTUS will need even more than that for a second term. Honestly, I am not sure that I want POTUS to have a second term.

  2. Hey Dre,
    Draft Hillary! I really feel this is the best chance the Dems have, (Although, you can hope the Reps will form a circular firing squad.) This was a great post with a balanced look at our problem. Spending cuts, it tuns out, are hard to force Obama to make. Promising is one thing, actually doing it is another. The issue in the “Big Deal” was enforcement. Saying that you put $4 trillion in cuts on the table is easy when there is no mechanism to make sure they actually happen. I’m thinking of moving my retirement into Russian markets. They’ve already suffered our future and have learned their lessons.

  3. Andre, you know this is a two-party system. So your attitude right now is exactly why Republicans are in the position they’re in to destroy this country. Obama is only as strong as Congress is. And as strong as the constituency that enables him to overcome opposition through voting power. The center-left stayed home in 2010, and gave those tea party loons the opportunity to take over the House, while making the Senate even more prone to filibuster by politicians who would rather see Barack Obama fail than see the country succeed. If you want success, you need to turn out and vote accordingly.

    • Hey Mike.
      You do know that the Reps only control the House and the Dems control both the Senate and Presidency, right? How exactly do those “tea party loons” run everything with only 60 caucus members (all Republicans, there is no “Tea Party”, only a caucus) out of 435 House representatives? BTW, only 48 even claim themselves as tea party members. Obama couldn’t get everything you wanted done in his first two years because of Republican opposition (according to your press) with the Senate and House in a clear majority plus the Presidency, but the tea party somehow runs the show with 60 people??? Tell the Jewish and Black Congressional Caucus how that’s possible. I’m sure they would love to know after trying for decades.

    • In short, this economy was messed up under Bush and Obama is trying to clean it up. For his troubles, he’s getting next to no help from the Grand Obstructionist Party.

      • granted mike:) we’ll save the debate on whether or not he made it worse for another time. have a nice weekend!

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