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  1. Well, that’s very assuring. Glad you’re getting over this. I can only imagine how hard this is.

  2. Breakups tend to give us some level of perspective. It’s just too bad you have to have your heart wrung through a ringer first.

    • Hey Javar. Been a while.

      Anyway, I feel you dawg. Thing is: I’ve picked up a different kind of perspective. Not to be all self-adulating, but this situation has taught me a lot about owning up to your OWN shortcomings. I pulled some fouls on her, I freely admit. But while she has been busy putting me on blast for those, you’ll never hear her say how – compared to the fouls she pulled – my shortcomings were miniscule. It’s easy to point fingers of blame at other people. But self-reflection? Some people got it. Some people don’t.

  3. Here’s a thought you’re not going to hear anywhere else: Some people have so many relationships to form and exploit in one lifetime, that they have to keep things moving to get to them all.

    Cherish each and every one of them, whether they last for a minute or two, or for a lifetime. You created these relationships for a purpose. Give them a little thought and, in many instances, you’ll divine the reason why. Once they serve the purpose for which they were created, you create others.

    I don’t care how it may appear, nothing is being done to you.All things are by design.

  4. Glad to hear this. No matter what, your recent ex will have enriched your life in some way and it is good that you can take the positive lessons and move on without too much angst. A new adventure awaits you. 🙂

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