20 comments on “Slavery and The Family Stone: Why Conservatives STILL Don’t Get It

  1. I’m not sure that abortion was the target of this pledge. I think it was the disintegration of the two parent home. They may even be factually correct (even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while) that a child of slave parents would be more likely to be in a home with both parents than black children today (I don’t know if this is true, and your point about slave families being broken up on the block is well made). The part that is additionally outrageous to me is the suggestion that this alleged state of affairs has come to pass since 2008. THAT is utterly ahistorical- the decline of the two parent home (white and black) has been well documented for a number of decades. It is interesting to note that since, say, 1952, Republicans have held the Presidency for 36 years as opposed to the Democrat’s 22 (Eisenhower 8 years, Nixon/Ford 8 years, Reagan/Bush 12 years, Bush II 8 years vs Kennedy/Johnson 8 years, Carter 4 Years, Clinton 8 years and Obama 2 years). It would seem that the decline in the family happened on their watch.
    (Please note this comment is not offered in opposition to what you wrote, but as a supplement.) Carry on.

  2. I admit, the slavery reference was stupid and insenstive. But I don’t think it was conservatives way of saying blacks were better off. I think it was more their way of letting the country’s history off the hook for the issues blacks are currently dealing with. I think they were making the point that liberal ideology – not history – is the problem. So some of the criticism I’m seeing from liberals is a little unfair.

    Going on another tangent: I found your comments about the founding fathers and conservatives’ so-called ‘moral highground’ spot on. Conservatives in this country tend to have a pretty serious weakness when it comes to grappling with the non-ideological complexity of historical fact.

  3. As a white, unashamed, conservative, God-loving woman, I’m shocked by this pledge and the people who signed it. This kind of stuff may bother you, but it bothers me MORE because we all get lumped in the same bunch. I’m conservative and I typically vote Republican, but I am NOT…repeat NOT crazy like these people. You guys aren’t the only ones sick and tired of this. Unfortunately, the idiots of the far right get all the headlines. We get none. If you want the truth of the matter, I still can’t believe the Family Leader put this into a “pledge” and that Bachmann signed it.

    Most Republican’s are not bigoted creeps. The problem is, being a bigoted creep gets attention and just being a “normal” person does not.

    • Hi Miranda,
      The press isn’t trying to find nice, decent, honest conservatives like you, they’re trying to vilify conservatives by pointing out the worst in the bunch. It’s the same tack that was used against Jews in Germany or Iraq, blacks and homosexuals in the U.S.. The idea is to find the worst and convince people that’s the norm. It’s disgusting propaganda…. but unfortunately, it works. Even on people that were once it’s victims.

  4. Nobody is saying that slavery was better for African-Americans. But they ARE pointing out alarming numbers. While I don’t know the numbers, I don’t doubt its accuracy. Almost 70 percent of black children are born to single mothers. This is sick and staggering and the continuing dependence on government handouts only exascerbates the problem. Forget the poor way they delivered the message. Focus on the message itself.

    Oh, and I’m a black conservative.

  5. If you’re looking for a solid model for family values, look no further than the plantation. They had the perfect two-parent households. Granted, the father was the slave master and the mother was a slave. SMH

  6. Hey Dre,
    “It’s silliness like this that will all, but assure that Blacks as a whole will never support the Republican agenda.”

    Wow, this really ticked black people off…..I’ll bet the conservatives (especially Michelle Bachman) are going to lose the two black people that would have voted for them instead of President Obama.

    OK, now that I’ve had my fun.

    Certainly this was a stupid and insensitive thing for the neocons to do. It seems they never really understand how offensive they can be. However, I was a little shocked at the amount of anecdotal evidence your using to support the notion that social conservatives have no moral standing. Bristol Palin??? If conservatives are every bit as bad morally, why not show some facts instead of always pointing at examples? More Republican than Dems in jail? More broken families? More drugs? More out of wedlock births? More child abuse? Surely there’s some facts somewhere to support this notion.

    • Why not show facts? Are you serious?!

      Do you READ newspapers? Do you WATCH the news? There are too many examples of elected officials, religious folks, and people of authority caught in some kind of scandal. These scandals are no better than a teenage black girl getting pregnant. Give me a break. You conservatives amaze me.

      • Mike,
        Examples ARE NOT facts. They only prove something happened once. Do you use examples against other people? If one black guy commits a crime does that make all black guys criminals? If one gay guy commits a rape are all gay guys rapists? It seems your selective about who you’ll judge by example. Show me the stats. BTW, despite the fact that I use Conservative in my name, I’m a registered Democrat and I voted for President Obama as everyone here knows. Once again, your so quick to judge and categorize. Help me out Mike, show me some stats and shed the examples, then we can have a civil discussion.

      • Mike,
        I don’t like my first sentence, let me try again. Examples can be a fact of that specific incident, but they don’t prove the larger point. What I’m looking for is valid, peer reviewed statistics or scientific studies that show conservatives are as/or more, immoral than their Democrat counterparts. I will gladly give you stats on teenage pregnancy from liberal sources.

      • Just because a social science hasn’t done a study on the corruption and hypocrisy of the GOP doesn’t make the actions many of them have committed any less true.

      • I meant to say “social scientist.” Still, my point remains. You don’t need groundbreaking studies to tell us the obvious: conservatives are freakin’ hypocrites.

      • Hey Mike,
        That’s quite a blanket statement, but I give up. You seem very intelligent, I was hoping you would consider that your bias may be clouding your judgment. Stereotyping is almost always a wrong way to go. Sure, they’re usually rooted in some truth, but they are so unfair to those in the group that don’t fit that stereotype. If you want conservatives to change, don’t just oppose the bad, also support the good.

  7. By Bachmann and Santorum’s estimiation, slavery was a booming success for Black Americans and they hope to bring the frequently maligned institution back to the American forefront. This time though, every creed, tribe and race will qualify for this wonderful lifestyle. All you need is to be broke.

  8. If this doesn’t blow Bachmann and Santorum’s campaigns to smithereens, or any of the other candidates who may sign it, than nothing will. Bachmann has also said she hopes that high unemployment will help her campaign and that pornography should be banned. I tell you she is the best thing to happen to Democrats since George W. If Dems can’t make a winning political issue out of this from this pledge, than they probably don’t even deserve to win in 2012.

    • No dice. This won’t be the thing that ends their campaigns. In fact, I’d bet this will give fuel to all of those who like to preach about “family values” from their pulpits.

  9. I can’t believe anyone would dare trivialize slavery in America like that. It’s not only offensive but extremely foolish!

    • Right! How dare they trivialize something that ended hundreds of years ago and no one alive today ever experienced. They should definitely act like it ended yesterday if it will help them secure even a tiny bit of victimization. All the while, Democrats are lapping this up! Their base is secure.

      You don’t see Jewish people complaining about the Holocaust, do you?

  10. Josh, slavery may be over but its affects still linger. Its far-reaching consequences impact the lives of MANY African Americans, even 146 years since it was abolished. It is extemely difficult, if not impossible, just to trace one’s lineage, let alone get over the lasting impacts that came from centuries of captivity. I’m not saying that we should all act like victims. But don’t think that what’s happened in the past stayed there.

  11. Mike,
    I don’t like my first sentence, let me try again. Examples can be a fact of that specific incident, but they don’t prove the larger point. What I’m looking for is valid, peer reviewed statistics or scientific studies that show conservatives are as/or more, immoral than their Democrat counterparts. I will gladly give you stats on teenage pregnancy from liberal sources.

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