7 comments on “Casey Anthony – Open Thread

  1. You are right, Mr. Andre, if this case involved persons of a darker hue, would the 31 days, the lies, the distress of the grandparents, and the missing toddler give rise to such attention? I don’t believe so.

    The police would be involved and it might make the local news, but the allocated expense and manpower would be much more limited. I believe also that the lies would bear much more weight as lies. In the Anthony case, LE was outraged by the lies but expended much time and money to prove them as lies. They were rather obsessed. The 31 days are all they needed to know this chick was guilty. Whether she told others about the disappearance, or whether she was working and where, doesn’t matter a hill of beans. It’s rather ironic that now those lies are the only charges against her.

    Maybe it was all the other hoopla such as the dysfunction of the family and the details of 31 days of activities that got in the way of determining the clear cut guilt in the case.

    And taking your assumptions to the courtroom, if a chick of darker hue was being charged with all the same info as Ms Anthony, the attorneys would not waste time on the lifestyles of the parents, the meter reader would not be in question, most of the expert witnesses would be deemed unnecessary, and LE would take the stand only one time.

    In other words, the trial itself would take hours, not days, and the guilty verdict would be swift and true. With or without forensic evidence, the lies and the 31 days would tell the mother-load of guilt. No pansy juror would be oh-so-sensitive about convicting a chick of darker hue.

    Ms Anthony’s skin color (as well as that of her parents and daughter) spared her hind-quarters. These jurors wanted to err on side of feel-good, rather than the coarseness of the Law and the common sense of right and wrong.

    Just look at Casey! Can anyone with that hue possess any devil and kill anyone?

    After all, white people die and become angels. What juror wants to convict a potential angel?

  2. It’s sad that in the end a little girl died and someone knows exactly how but is probably too scared to admit it. This story won’t go away anytime soon especially with the book being penned as we speak. Its a damn shame but that’s the America Way isn’t it? seeing an opportunity and jumping on it regardless of situation.

  3. I wonder who they’re gonna cast to play Casey. Because we ALL know that b*tch is gonna get movie rights to her story.

  4. I’m not concerned that Casey Anthony was found not guilty, even if she was, and that the jury, following the court’s instructions, held their nose and rendered the only verdict that the evidence permitted.

    I’m a firm believer in the law of retribution–as you sow you reap. Justice is always served, in this life, or the next one, or the one after that. If you live long enough, you’ll see some of this justice played out here, in your lifetime.

    O.J. Simpson is in jail, a victim of his pride, his arrogance, and his stupidity. Osama bin Laden is dead, dying in a manner that befell the victims of 9-11–he died cradled by the warmth of safety, without an inking that that fateful day would be his last. He was aroused from his sleep, with a sudden realization of what was about to happen, surrounded by his several wives, and without an opportunity to leave to the world, and his followers, his final words.

    If we could see the big picture, we’d realize the cosmic joke that’s being played. Things aren’t as they seem. On the canvas of Justice, a painting appears that connects the dots that preceded our birth, and continues to connect them throughout our many lives that follow, until the debt of Justice has been paid in full.

  5. Hey Dre,
    A couple of thoughts.
    1)Would any of you (darker hued people) really WANT this kind media attention and to be associated with this pyschopath? As a white person I wish she WAS some other ethnicity.
    2) Forget the murder charge for a minute. How was this NOT abuse or neglect? She covered up an accident, obstructed an investigation, and illegally disposed of a body.
    3) The U.S. is #1 in the world in infanticide (the killing of children). How could anyone not think this is a national shame and we are doing something horribly wrong with our culture?
    4) I predict (your already seeing it, read the past few days news) that infanticide will rise even more as more people will see that we won’t or can’t convict with this impossible standard of reasonable doubt.
    5) Beyond “reasonable” doubt shouldn’t mean beyond any possible doubt. It’s always “possible” unless completely impossible.

  6. I can’t help but wonder if justice was really served or if inept prosecution got her off. I guess we’ll never know.

  7. It’s a sinister combination of both, I think. The prosecution didn’t prove its case and as a result, she walked. As for the ‘lying’ charges, she’s already been in jail since 2009…

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