Like so many others at this point, I promise to rid my system of this Anthony Weiner nonsense once and for all. As of last week, the dude has officially resigned his seat in the House, and will probably fade into obscurity, end up on some reality show or – like others in similar situations – land as a political analyst somewhere. Over and done with. I get it.

But there is one thing about Weinergate that still has me annoyed. Rather than waste my time expounding too deeply, Rachel Maddow nailed it for me. In the linked clip (sorry, I haven’t figured out how to embed non-YouTube videos to my blog), Rach focuses on the selective outrage folks on both sides of the aisle have displayed toward Weiner, while allowing their counterparts – who have committed similar or WORSE offenses – to continue their careers relatively unscathed. She dissects the anatomy of Congressional corruption from Sen. David Vitter to Sen. John Ensign; from Rep. Charlie Rangel to Rep. William Jefferson and how they all managed to politically survive their scandals with little resistance from their opponents and with just as little pressure from their colleagues. Meanwhile, Weiner – who’s major sin was sending photos to an girls through social networking – was given a full court press.

Now, I should point out that it was ultimately his decision to resign. No one is disputing that. But the response to his sins from the media and folks in Congress is laughable, unfortunate, and reeking of double standard. Additionally, Maddow pulls no punches in putting her very own profession on display, arguing that Weiner’s resignation had less to do with his bad behavior, and more to do with him simply succumbing to what has quickly become a media circus. In that respect, she has far more (forgive the expression) testicular fortitude than most people who share the airwaves with her.

She closes out her segment with a fair and justified warning to Democrats: the resignation of Anthony Weiner, partially motivated by Democrats unwillingness to stand with their guy, could have long-lasting ramifications. The fact is: Democrats echoed the very same narrative against one of their own as Republicans did, while having no pangs for looking the other way as others have been involved in equally scandalous behavior. This kind of spinelessness is dangerous when you consider how productive and cohesive Republicans are. Very seldom will they throw their people under the bus…regardless of the offense. I hate to say it, but Democrats could learn tons from their colleagues across the aisle.

I leave you with what I consider one of “Weiner’s Greatest Hits”:

Take a good look, Democrats. The fireball in the clip above is what you just lost to a sexting scandal and to your own cowardice. If and when Republicans continue to steamroll all over you, you have no one to blame but yourselves.