6 comments on “Final Thoughts on Weinergate

  1. I’m sorry, but Weiner gets no sympathy from me. He could’ve ended this a long time ago, but he held on to his lie as long as he could. He would’ve STILL been lying if evidence didn’t catch up with him.

    I’m pretty sure his colleagues suggested to him that he simply fess up, take some time off to recover, and come back strong. But what did he do? He let this drama play out for weeks, with the media happy to oblige him.

    Anthony Weiner was a complete DISTRACTION for the Democrats, one they were all too happy to see go away.

  2. What does his private sexual behavior have to do with his job as a politician? Politicians are MUCH hornier than most people, we get that. But so what? The man did his job…and did it well. Republicans are just going after him because he’s one of the few Democrats in Congress who will stand up to them.

    • Mike,
      Weiner left because of pressure from Democrats, such as Obama himself, Pelosi and Reed. If Dems left because of the Reps criticizing them, all three of them would be gone also.

  3. Whether it’s Anthony Weiner or any of the Republicans caught up in sex scandals, the argument being made here is that he made a vow to remain faithful to his wife. Yet he broke that vow, knowingly and repeatedly. He also made a vow to serve the people of NY, honestly and to the best of his ability. Now we are left to wonder whether he considers remaining true to the latter vow important (as he clearly put no importance in the former). Further, one of the main things we look for in an elected official is good judgement. When to exercise caution, when to take a risk, etc. He has shown monumentally poor judgement in his private life, which makes many questions his judgement in other areas.

    • Really, KC? That’s your argument? That his wandering wiener suggests he can’t keep his vow to the people of NY? That’s really stretching it.

  4. Hey Dre,
    Republicans “Very seldom will they throw their people under the bus…regardless of the offense.” ?? What about Republicans
    Mark foley
    Larry craig and
    Christopher Lee?

    Lee was thrown out for just showing his bare chest online and that’s just the ones I can remember recently.

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