11 comments on “‘Tis Better to Give Than To Receive

  1. Thank you J. Alex. Even IF he was being “racially insensitive”, what the hell does that say about all the people in audience laughing? Bet that Davis asshole wants to take his statement back right about now.

  2. “We have zero tolerance for racially insensitive jokes. As soon as I realized what was going on I rushed backstage and had him pulled,” Davis told CNN.

    Translation: The GOP couldn’t be seen laughing at “racially insensitive jokes.”

  3. Absolutely dead on the money with this post. Simply stated, the GOP had NO problem with Mr. Brown’s act until THEY were the ones being picked on. This proves yet again that the lunatics and bigots of the right can attack all they want, but cry like a schoolgirl when the attacks are reciprocated. Freakin’ hypocrites.

    • “Former” NeoCon? Thank goodness! The world is less one idiot today! Welcome to the not-so-stupid side!

  4. Reggie Brown's website says his act “draws laughs from both sides of the aisle.” Apparently Republican officials have an aisle-biased sense of humor. This was no “you never know what you’re going to get” with comedians thing or a comic “goin’ rogue” trying to score a “gotcha” on the Repubs. This was standard Reggie Brown material.

  5. This doesn’t happen often, but I actually agree with you on this post Andre. Some of Reggie Brown’s jokes were lame and tepid, but some were funny. But they could have ALL been equally offensive. Why Davis decided to pull the plug at THAT point was questionable. Let him finish his act. If he’s going to get buried because of it, let him do his own digging.

  6. I find myself wondering these days if entire 2012 Republican nomination process has been designed by David Axelrod! It has been highly entertaining and very effective in exposing how preposterous these candidates are. But I have to remind myself that these clowns are for real, and while I don’t think the GOP will recapture the White House they are still capable of doing more real damage to this country. The fact that “the party of NO” has a majority in the house still poses a serious threat, both to our economic recovery and our national security. We can laugh about them, but we should make sure to get out the vote THIS November to get them out of office in as many districts as possible so that we can finally get some work done!

  7. Corny racial jokes about the President? People laughing in the aisles. Jokes at the expense of the GOP field of candidates? Oh hell naw! Get that unfunny, “racially insensitive” Negro off the stage!

  8. I’m sorry, but am I missing something here? Because I didn’t see anything offensive about that act. The joke about celebrating half of February was skating kind of close maybe, but the GOP’s publicly tried to justify depictions of Obama as a pimp, a street thug, a witch doctor with a bone through his nose, etc. Trying to be the moral police NOW is laughable.

  9. Being able to laugh at yourself is a sign that you have a wholesome sense of proportion – that you’re psychologically balanced.

    Unfortunately, the GOP is replete with fanatics and ideologues who never for a second allow themselves to consider that they may not know. That they may, in fact, be completely wrong.

    That inflexibility, more than almost anything else, distinguishes Democrats from Republicans. It is no accident that True Believers of a religious stripe almost always gravitate to the Republican Party.

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