7 comments on “Racist Politics and Uncomfortable Truths

  1. I’m sorry Dre, but you missed an important question here: what self-respecting black person would EVER do an ad like this? That’s the real embarrassment.

  2. Am I wrong in thinking that the Democratic and Republican parties have essentially switched roles since the Civil War? I don’t think this is Frederick Doughlas’ Republican party.

  3. This is why blacks as a whole will never support Republicans. As a black woman, let me say it is very hard to vote for people who routinely try to shoot blacks down and keep them on the bottom. Who routinely attack black hair, looks, culture, music etc and try to destroy civil rights? Who routinely attend rallies where the N word is used and who make signs of blacks as monkeys and sport the confederate flag? Who routinely casts black candidates in a racist and bad light during elections? Who routinely blast other races that are not white (like Hispanics and Most Muslims)? Who routinely promotes aggression in the form of threats of secession, invading countries based on lies, advocate torture, death threats on the President? Who routinely have members who proudly note their place in the Aryan Brotherhood, KKK, and other white supremacy groups?

    No time soon will ranks of the Republican party swell with Blacks, Jews, Hispanics or any other minority–because when blacks and others look underneath the blanket of politics they find the same ol racism.

    YOu know the biggest difference between a white racist and any other group in America who is racist? Whites can hate a person just for being. Blacks and others LEARN to hate a person or race because of how they are CONTINUALLY treated.

    There are a great number of white racists in small town America who have NEVER, ever had actual contact with a black and yet they can espouse much hate–in fact, until recently whites despised biracial people as much as other blacks–only when so many white women started having or adopting biracial babies or blacks from other countries did whites feel disposed to a special dispensation for the ones in white families–too bad they don’t have an id card so you can tell which ones have been ‘touched/blessed’ by whiteness and which are just part of the black rabble huh? We have a problem in this country but it did not begin nor will it end with black people.

    Somebody has to be at the bottom so everyone else can make peace and justify where they are–America has picked blacks and Hispanics but blacks especially–but when they move up–whites get angry, antsy and afraid and out comes the accusations of jobs being stolen and the “uppity N” we all know the drill.

    The bottom line is–the rank of file of the GOP treat other minorities like crap and people are more apt to believe what a group does than just what they “claim” their politics are. What the GOP does and does very well is engage in continual racism and bigotry –when minorities see that–most of us say Not just no but “HELL NO” and we say this–no matter how much money we make or have because we just do NOT want to associate with people like that.

    Because part of that association is for the blacks within the GOP to either agree to the continual castigation of their own race or to participate in it. Evil is as evil does. GOT THAT?

  4. It’s been a long time since I have seen a GOP candidate for national office NOT try to exploit racial fears. The GOP has regularly voted against renewals of provisions of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Roghts Act. They have repeatedly tried to water down civil rights laws and enforcement policies since they have been enacted and promulgated. It’s been a long time since I have seen the GOP side with minority groups in a civil rights lawsuit on any issue.

    GOP politicians regularly refuse to distance themselves from bigots who make inflamatory public statements.

    On the other hand, it was the GOP that gave this nation its first Black Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of State and National Security Advisors…something that members of my parents’ generation thought that they would never see in their lifetimes…so I will give the GOP credit for that.

    The GOP generally opposes policies that benefit poor and working middle-class people, which has a huge impact on racial minority groups…and they have conducted many high-profile campaigns against affirmative action policies that try to increase the opportunities for minority group members.

    All in all, unless you are really well-off, there’s not much of a reason for minority citizens of this country to support the GOP. Every once in a while, there is an individual GOP candidate that is supported by minority group members, but they are few and far between and are generally denounced as “moderates” by the far right that is in the process of hijacking the GOP.

    Likewise, the GOP strategy of undermining, denying the legitimacy of (via the “birther” movement)and simply refusing to work with the nation’s first Black President on any issues is especially offensive to Black Americans

    • James, I agree that certain accolades should be given to the GOP. But as of late? Not many.

      It’s true that black people supported the GOP in the old days (it was the party of Emancipation!) Republicans were considered liberal northerners, while the South was solidly conservative democrat.

      Then things changed dramatically in the 50s and 60s.Despite the political risks, LBJ pushed for civil rights legislation, angering southern conservatives along the way (dems and dixiecrats). The result? Them racist southerners flocked to the desperate GOP, which was in disarray after LBJ won the 1964 election in a landslide over the segregationist Republican Barry Goldwater. Is it a coincidence that Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina and other southern states went republican for the first time EVER in the 1960s and have remained so? In 1964, Mississippi went from solidly democrat to 86% republican after just ONE election cycle! What the f** happened? LOL

      The GOP selects TOKENS to give an impression of inclusion (Thomas, Powell, Steele) or because of friendship with the Bush clan (Rice)… At least Colin Powell had the decency to leave that sorry administration early. It’s no surprise there are no blacks in the GOP Congressional caucus: You select tokens because your racist voters can’t ELECT them.

      The GOP stopped being the party of Lincoln in the 60s and became a Goldwater-Thurmond-Helms-Falwell-Nixon-Duke-Limbaugh-Reagan-Bush-Palin diaspora. Why would black people associate themselves with these bigots?
      Do you honestly believe that men like Rockefeller, Ike or even Teddy Roosevelt would still feel at home in the current GOP? This is the party of Jefferson Davis now, not Lincoln.

      And it’s so funny when republicans keep referring to MLK to criticize black people. Conservatives absolutely DESPISED him when he was alive (especially William Buckley, Falwell, Reagan, Helms, Duke and others who called him a communist) but now that he’s sanctified (and safely dead) some are even trying to claim him (didn’t he vote for JFK and LBJ?)

  5. White elitist run the greatest propaganda machine ever known to man. Somehow, they have convinced redneck and poor whites to vote against their own interest and validate their own inferiority by giving them a chance at the great american dream. Black folks see through this charade, so consequently will never vote Republican in mass. Republicans are inherently racist, because their view of the country does not include black folks as founding partners, but a speed bump towards their own prosperity.

  6. I agree with you, my brother. Especially the part where you address the cousins ‘nem. Like it or not, Black Americans are still judged, courtesy of White racist privilege, on the basis of stereotypes. Thus, those Black Americans deemed fit for duty by White Americans are seen as “credits to the Black race.”

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