11 comments on “Black Women, Unattractiveness, and Pseudo Science

  1. Hey Dre,
    He, He, He. This is going to be more fun than a white boy should be allowed to have. First, I would like to say that I agree with some of both your and Natasha’s statements. Your statement that, “Historically, the eurocentric standard of beauty has been the barometer by which the attractiveness of all other races of women has been measured.” Is dead on. However, I’m assuming you would like to believe that the perceived attractiveness of black men is, well, because we’re more attractive. As if culture has nothing to do wit it. I’ve had to listen to 20 years of black men are better athletes, better lovers, better musicians, better hung, better dancers, etc. ad nauseum from our media. We can have a discussion about whether or not it’s true, but the fact is our media has been promoting that rather heavily for some time. At the same time, black women have not enjoyed that hype, often portrayed as bitchy, and unattractive. (like Weezy, for instance)
    The primary benefactor of this media has been black men who then……wait for it, used there new-found sexuality to get, you guessed it, more white women while subjugating their own women. Nice. In fact, as a white guy, I’ve often been stunned as to the degree black men will take it to. Black women now have to compete for the few remaining black men while also competing with white women. To the point of trying to make themselve appear more white by bleaching, hair straightning, and weaving. And tolerating totally unacceptable behavior. Ask any white guy how well that would go over for us!
    Natasha then says he demonstrats, “complete omission of important socio-cultural factors that condition our ideas about beauty and attractiveness.” which further proves my point although she also omits the positive that is spun on black men. The truth is, recent society has been promoting black men and white women together, to the detriment of BOTH black women and white men. I feel you Natasha.
    While I applaud your affections for your “black and beautiful girlfriend”, most black men are complicant at the very least and while the eurocentric standard of beauty definately plays a part, our history of racism doesn’t justify any racism by me, and it shouldn’t justify any by black men against their own women.

  2. Seems to me there are attractive and less than attractive people of all races. To single out a particular race makes me wonder what the motive is. Also, we live in a country where 90% of the commercial­s and TV shows feature beautiful white women. Thats what we’re accustomed to. I think the feeling would be different if all the shows featured beautiful black women.

  3. Well I, for one found this study to be very useful and informative. It may not prove that black women are less attractive. But it DOES demonstrat­es that people can still be asshole racists.

  4. I tend to question methodologies that ask random people to judge the attractiveness of other random people without taking into account the influence of background and culture. Without taking into account a Westernized standard of beauty that has not only haunted some black women into buying cream to bleach their skin but prompted some Asian-Americans to undergo surgery to make their eyes more European looking.

    That’s not to say white skin or round eyes are necessarily unattractive. Rather, a system that declares one set of physical attributes as the standard to which a multiethnic society must adhere is destructive.

    And racist.

  5. I don’t really like asparagus. I know that by not liking asparagus, I’m limiting my choices in life, losing out on the nutritional value of asparagus, and in general, just being a very intolerant person when it comes to a vegetable which, objectively, is just as worthy as any other.

    Even so, if you ask me, I will tell you without hesitation, that asparagus is just not attractive on any level, and I don’t like it. I feel that on some level, there has got to be a rational reason why, for me, asparagus is simply a lesser option.

    I feel the same way about black women. I don’t want to disparage an entire race of women, as there is nothing inherently wrong with them, but I can’t deny the fact despite my best efforts, I seem incapable of being attracted to them at all. I can’t help but feel that on some level, there must be some quality or qualities that can be objectively identified which would explain this inability to find attraction to members of the gender I normally prefer.

    It’s too bad that this magazine chose such a direct title for their article, and just as much a shame that political correctness has once again quashed what might have been an illuminating discussion.

    • Um, right Anon. I’m sure if given the opportunity, asparagus wouldn’t like being discriminated against either. *Sarcasm*

      Please grow a brain. If you can’t wait for it to cultivate, I hear they’re selling them pretty cheap at the Home Depot. *palm slap*

  6. It is outragious that Mr. Satoshi Kanazawa of Psychology Today would publish an article that “suggests” that any culture or gender is less attractive than another. Psychology at it’s worst. I am a white female who happens to believe that black females are more attractive, and maybe it’s due to testerone, but maybe not. I have read (real science, NOT pseudo-science) that black women as they age maintain their youth better than many races because their lovely skin contains more moisturizers. And I would bet that if it is true that the average testerone level of black women is higher than women of other races, that they maintain healthier libidos and pheromones, which I would bet INCREASES their attractiveness. Babies are attracted to human faces at birth–faces of ALL peoples and genders–SO, maybe they are smarter than Mr. Kanazawa.

  7. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think the flaw in that study is not in using testosterone as an indicator cause that is an objective measurement but in using a subjective measurement of beauty which as you have said has been eurocentric.

    I believe that the standards of feminine beauty are different for a young man in Africa when compared to a young black man in USA. This is largely due to the exposure of the latter to the strong media pushing of the eurocentric and often fantasized image of beauty as mentioned by theHC.

    In fact, evolutionary scientists would have us believe that we should find well-rounded women with big breasts, broad hips and big derrieres attractive (has to do with assessing genetic and physical health and certain biological mating signals that we got from our animal ancestors), in which case the black woman should beat out the thin emancipated white women at the mating game. I don’t happen to believe in this but this is what the theories of some scientists would conclude.

    Me, I go back to “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I vote for Shakira…….oh, and of course my wife, just in case she reads this.

  8. Question:
    Since the more recent trend in mass media, like MTV, VH1, Hollywood, etc., has been to promote more black women as sex symbols (Halle Berry for instance)and to have them increasingly shown with white men, do any of you feel this will turn the trend around? Also, could this benefit black women by making them less dependent on black men for a mate and thereby improving their prospects? Lastly, since polls show that black men are even less tolerant of “their” women dating cross-race than white men, is this something that could, or will, ever be acceptable to black men?

  9. Peace Dre,
    Everyone knows Black women are the most beautiful women on Earth!
    They are just scared to admit it

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