Imagine, if you will, the following scenario:

You own a beautiful home in the surburbs. Your home has historically been one of the nicest on the blocks. Truly one that – in many respects – was the envy of the neighborhood. But one day, to your chargrin, you find a mouse hiding in your home. You do everything you can to capture this mouse including setting up traps and contracting very expense (and extremely negligent) exterminators. You turn your once beautiful house into a war zone. A home that was once so inviting to your friends and family has now become a police state. You force your guests to give up certain conveniences of being visitors (I dunno…like forcing them to eat outside. Work with me on this). You become so obsessed with capturing this mouse, you go to extreme lengths that were previously unfathomable to you.

In the end, you finally get the mouse, but not before turning your house upside down and spending a fortune in the meantime. In all the while, this mouse had also taken the opportunity to have little mice of his own. So now you’re left with the question: was it all worth it?

In an unrelated story, Osama bin Laden has reportedly been killed. Yep. Totally unrelated.