In a story that went on waaaay beyond it’s shelf life, President Obama has finally released his birth certificate. The humble host of this blog actually got a good chuckle when this story first broke. I mean, it’s not like most of Obama’s opponents will be content with this. They haven’t been satisfied with anything up to this point. So why would the actual document suffice?

The Prez would’ve been better served if he produced this birth certificate a couple of years ago. That would’ve may have snatched some of the red meat out of the mouths of these birther clowns. But we should also face facts: even if there was raw video footage of his birth in a Hawaiian hospital with Ronald Reagan and Jesus in the room to authenticate it, “That Negro with the Funny-Sounding Name” would STILL be considered “un-American” in some people’s eyes. That’s just how the world rolls.

All the same, I hope the case is closed on this sh*t once and for all. But I also hope to win the Powerball for $450 million. But I’m not holding my breath. Still, one can dream, right?