3 comments on “The Party of NObama

  1. Hey Dre,
    First, love the new picture. (Looks more like the Andre I know.)
    Second, There’s definately some truth to that post. Sometimes I wonder if the Reps even know what it is that they’re opposed to.
    Now, I’m going to take a moment to defend President Obama. (a little off subject, but related.)
    Everyone has been a little rough on Barack lately, including myself. For good reason, but I’m not going to get into that right now.
    Put yourself in his place for a moment and it’s easy to empathize with our President.
    In the run up to the election, the Left-stream media went out of it’s way to turn Obama into a Messiah. He was going to turn our whole country around with his great oratory skills. He was going to make our enemies love us and our friends respect us. he was going to make our country post racial and correct the wrongs of the past.
    There’s only one problem; President Obama was schooled by one side, learned one way of thinking, saw things in black and white, right and wrong as taught to him by the most bias, one-sided institutions in America-our universities.
    For those of us who follow that train of thought, it seemed like he had all the answers, for those of us that didn’t, we were shocked to have him revealed as a normal university academic.
    Now it becomes easy to blame those who disagree with the progressive philosophy, even in the face of it failing on every single front. It’s easy to claim that “things would have been worse” without it, or that “it would have worked with no opposition” But the truth is there will always be opposition, and when there isn’t, we will all be mindless sheep led by idealogs.
    It’s even easier to blame President Obama.
    Two years into his administration, it seems to me that Barack is simply learning some harsh truths. Kenysian economics is a failure. There is no altruism. People will gravitate to whatever benefits themselves. Dictators can’t be trusted. Every Liberal thinks the government is always the answer to every problem and the best way to pay for it is by taking the money from someone else. The “someone else” fraction disagrees. Black people have a different opinion what “fair” means than white people, or Hispanics, or Asians.
    All this was here before Presidenty Obama and will be here after he’s gone.
    There IS evil in the world and Barack is now, finally, realizing it.
    Obama is not a flip-flopper as some claim, he’s a man that’s learning he doesn’t have all the answers to problems that have frustrated presidents way before him.
    I believe President Obama is dead wrong on a lot of his approaches and that he hid his true intent. However, I do think he’s learning and if you want to blame someone, blame ourselves for putting too much hope in one man. If you must blame Obama, at least also blame our Universities for putting the wrong ideas in his head to begin with.

    • In agreement 10000%, HipCon. I can’t add much else to that. Writing a post on it now would be pointless. You said everything I needed to say…and more.

      Are you sure you don’t want to be a contributing writer? 🙂

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