4 comments on “The Launch of Obama’s 2012 Campaign. Meh.

  1. Can he at least still count on your vote? *Sounding like a campaign worker*

    • It’s highly probable. The field of GOP contenders is pretty pathetic so far. They’d have to put somebody up who is VERY stellar, but I’m just not seeing it in the names floating around. Not that I’d vote Republican anyway. :-p

  2. For me, one of the biggest storylines this election season will be whether Republicans will resort back to using racial politics like before. My gut tells me yes, given that old dogs don’t tend to learn new tricks. But they might try a new formula. I guess it’s a good a thing to examine as any.

  3. Hey Dre and K.C.,
    I’ll make three predictions;
    1) Andre will not be able to vote for a Republican for president no matter how hard he tries. Even if they brought MLK back from the dead and he had Jesus as his V.P. and they both swore allegiance to a “new” Republican Party. It won’t happen. (Sorry Dre, I know you WANT to be able to.)
    2) There is a VERY good chance (though definately not a certain one) that Hillary will make a successful run in the primary. That would make Obama only the second elected president to ever lose the primary. Interesting reading on Franklin Pierce (the other president to lose) if either of you are interested. A lot of simularities.
    3) No matter how hard the Republican Party tries to avoid race, the media will find something, somewhere, by someone in the Republican Party that they can use to reaffirm what your going to believe anyway (Just look at the effort on the Tea Party). I’m not saying there isn’t a racist element in the Reps, there is. Hell, there’s one in the Dems (anyone remember the Dixiecrats? Robert Byrd?) They both use race every single day to their advantage. In Fact, without using race baiting, the Dems would lose their 90% + advantage with blacks and wouldn’t be able to recruit Hispanics.

    I can say with a degree of certainy that I (along with most of my white friends) will not be voting for President Obama this time around. I doubt I’ll be voting Republican either. The spending, the Wars, and the lack of leadership have all worn the shine off Barack in my eyes. But more than anything, it’s simply that he’s not the man he pretended to be. That’s a trust he can’t possibly get back.

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