Back when Barack Obama was a wee-Senator from Illinois, he energized the hell out of me. He was the one candidate in history for whom I gladly canvassed neighborhoods on  cold, wet, October mornings. For whom I happily got doors slammed in my face. For whom I had no problem getting cussed out over the phone.

That was then.

Since then – though impressed with many aspects of his presidency – I have concluded that Obama really is just another politician, albeit one whom I respect. In that spirit, don’t count on me being a volunteer for his imminent push for 2012. I’m about done being on Team Obama. At best, I’m interested in examining the electoral politics that await us during this election cycle and doing as much fact checking as possible. But me pushing for Obama? Not likely.

Instead, I’ll leave you with this. Maybe this will motivate you:

Frankly, I’m not all that motivated. Maybe I’ll even turn into one of the people slamming my door in the face of the 2008 me. Who knows?