14 comments on “No Love for the Glove from the Gov

  1. Hey Dre,
    I’m amazed at the difference in the way Governor Snyder is being treated by the media compared to ex-governor Jennifer Granholm. Amazed, but not suprised. We’ve just lived through 8 years of trying the Liberal version of economics, which focused on green energy (which brought a scant 20,000 jobs over 8 years by the highest estimates) Subsidized job growth through the public sector (hundreds of millions spent on highway jobs that disappeared as soon as the subsidies stopped) Hollywood tax breaks (which brought temporary jobs that averaged less than 1 week) and other Keynesian attempts. The result? The highest unemployment in the nation for 6 years, a loss of 1 million jobs, The ONLY state with a shrinking GDP, all our rainy day funds exhausted, the ONLY state in the union to lose population, massive debt and an exodus of all our young people. Through all this, the Left-stream Michigan media has made excuses, excuses, and more excuses for Buffy the Job Slayer. It seems that all the Democrats do really well here in the Shit-Mitt is assign blame to excuse their lack of leadership. Now, when an actual accountant assesses the damage and suggests his plan to straighten out an incredible fiscal mess, the critisism starts after only 2 1/2 months. Before ANY of his policies have even been implimented. I’ve said many times, I give any political leader 2 years to show progress. Apparently Dems get 8 years aroung here and Republicans get 2 months. I’ll let you know how I feel about Snyder in 2 years-no excuses!

    • Despite evidence to contrary on my blog (i.e. the lack of anti-Granholm posts), I don’t argue with you on the horrendous job ‘Jenny G’ did with the state. But Snyder’s efforts – less than a few months after being elected – are simply inexcusable. If he promoted tax increases across the board to draw additional revenue, I would’ve been on board. That, I’ve said repeatedly and without regard to the political affiliation of the person suggesting it. I was actually pretty “amazed, but not surprised” that Granholm didn’t promote that type of agenda as she made her way out of office as a last-ditch effort to bring some stability to the state’s budget. So no argument there. But taxing the shit out the elderly and the poor while – at the very same time – boosting tax cuts for corporations and the wealth? A liberal talking point, sure. But also exactly what the guy is doing.

      • Hey Dre,
        I agree on some of your points. Taxing pensions should have some limits, like maybe the first $20,000.00 being excempt so it wouldn’t impact the very poor (like my mom). However, my brother’s getting a state pension that is over $60,000.00 tax free. That should have some taxing. I think you’ll see something like that come out in the end. Having said that, elections have consequences and when the Dems were in they tried their way. It failed miserably. I say give Snyder and the Reps a chance. We haven’t even seen the final draft of the budget yet. This is a little bit of fearmongering of something that hasn’t even been put up for a vote yet. A lot of this will change.

      • HipCon,

        I did some research the other day and found that under our current system, the poorest 20% of Michigan taxpayers are paying taxes at a rate of 8.9%, while the top 1% is only paying at a rate of 5.3%.

        As the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy pointed out, the most likely outcome from Snyder’s tax policy is that even more of a burden will fall on Michigan’s poorest residents, who will see a bigger hike than those at the upper end of the income scale.

        Synder may have only been in office for 2 months, but he’s already creating (or potentially creating) a major clusterf*** for most of the ‘non-ballers’ in Michigan.

  2. So, I guess you both missed the part about how Gov. Snyder is also proposing to arbitrarily dish out authority to hand-picked people (note: corporations are “people” too, according to the SCOTUS) to control city governments and school district that he, and only he, thinks is in a financial crisis. This “person” can “reject, modify, or terminate the terms of any existing contract,” which includes collective bargaining rights, and they also have the power to dismiss elected officials and close schools. So while you bicker about who gets taxed the most, remember that you’re a signature away from having your elected officials turn into powerless people just taking up space.

    • Hey J,
      You Make a good point on the Financial Managers and how much power they should have, but I would think it would be hard to defend taking over a city if it wasn’t in a dire financial situation. Once again, we’re reacting to something that hasn’t even happened yet. Having said that, these cities would have nothing to worry about if they simply stayed within their budget. A bizarre idea, I admit. An interesting point. Since you brought up the Citizens United judgment by SCOTUS, we were told that this would open the floodgates on corporate spending, but then Michael Steele (head of the Republican Party) gets fired for not meeting his goals and going in debt. Something’s not right here. Another point to consider on that judgment. The case was about “Hillary, the Movie” and corporate backing of it’s production. Not corporate general donations. You should ask yourself if you would have felt the same if “Fahrenheit 911” was blocked until after the election by Republicans because of Moveon.org’s backing. I believe we should have seen them both even though they are nothing but bias propaganda.

    • J. Alex,

      Snyder’s decision to arbitrarily bring in emergency financial managers (esepcially if they ARE corporate driven…which wouldn’t surprise me in the least) is a blantant subversion of democratic rules, no doubt. But what many cities in Michigan have done to themselves with dismal leadership is just as bad. Michigan, in general, is a cesspool.

      • Since when has the Constitution ever stopped Re-thug-licans?

  3. I’d take that a step further. This is not just unconstitutional. This shit is flat out illegal. But since when have Republicans ever cared about constitutionality?

  4. Hey Dre,
    I’m not disputing your figures, but you’ve got me wondering. Are those figures before rebates?? I don’t know of anybody that’s in the lower 20% (like both my daughters) that’s paying ANYTHING after rebates. Are you including things like sales tax? Rent as a property tax? I read the other link and I figured (by comparing it to the Michigan budget report on where taxes came from) that it MUST be before refunds to be accurate.

  5. Just think where things will be heading once the republic’s do take back the Senate and the White House? With the citizens united decision and the stupidity and apathy of the American voter or citizen, it sure seems like the writing is on the wall. I fearfully but honestly see them taking back the senate in 2012 and the White House in 2016.

    These actions by republican governors, with the support of republican controlled majorities in both the State houses and senate in many of these States, is just a little preview of what is in store for our nation in the future.

    One of the GOP’s quiet plan was to take back as many State governorships, house and senates, riding the wave of the over hyped teabag movement, while the democrats remained SILENT and INEFFECTIVE.

    • Hi P.J.
      I think you might be being overly optimistic that you can hold the White House in 2012. Speaking as a white male who voted for Obama in ’08 along with lot of my WMA counterparts, I’m not seeing anywhere near the support he had among my group. Considering that Obama carried almost 50% of us the first time around and won by 7%. The last poll I saw had him with 28% support among WMA. Figuring that we make up roughly 32% of the population and he’s lost nearly half of that, it’s hard to come up with a scenario that has him winning unless he turns that number around. Your best bet may be a Hillary win and trust me… she’s watching those numbers.

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