People in California have been angry at former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for the state of California’s economy. People in Wisconsin have recently been up in arms about some of the actions governor Scott Walker and crew have been orchestrating against unions (I’m putting together a post on how I feel this story and about unions in general. Stay tuned). But, as Rachel Maddow is reporting, none of these stories quite compare to what’s going on right here in my home state of Michigan:

Like Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow’s commentary can include a boatload of overly-liberal bias, no different than most of the commentators on Fox News with their decidely conservative spin on things. But Maddow’s commentary this time around was not only spot-on, but frighteningly so.

Despite evidence of Michigan’s regressive tax system – where poor and middle class folks pay a higher percentage of their income taxes than the wealthiest residents – Michigan’s Republican-controlled Congress (co-signed by it’s Republican governor) wants to also freeze the Earned Income Tax Credit for the lowest-income residents of the state while eliminating the surcharge on the Michigan Business Tax.

Rob from the poor and give to the rich? I guess so. Congrats, Michiganders. You have officially voted for the Governor of Nottingham.