4 comments on “Rap Through a Child’s Eyes

  1. Hi Andre,
    Thanks for sharing this. It really is a beam of light in what has been a very dark time of late. I hope this video and its message goes viral.

  2. These kids and their “producer” need to shut up. Rap music is always under fire because it’s the #1 musical format in the world and even worse because it was created by Black Men. Rock acts say and do even crazier things but nobody says a word about them. Even if this video causes Lil Wayne to change his ways, that will do nothing. There are thousands of rappers and millions of consumers worldwide. This is about MONEY. If the WHITE PEOPLE who buy the majority of rap music stop buying the music that they claim to hate then there would be no Lil Wayne, Kanye West, etc.

  3. True MC, you sound like a pretty sad person. These young ladies are only expressing the truth and their feelings. Why would an adult attack little girls? Someone need to speak out for them loud and clear.

  4. I am a black woman and I AM offended by some of the lyrics and most of the messages put out in today’s music industry. I do not agree with the viewpoint “why are lil girls listening to this”. This music is MARKETED to young people, maybe not 9 year olds… But def 14 and up. This is not mature adult music. And the music gives an overwhelmingly negative impression of black men and women to the world. And please with the ‘they’re offended cuz it’s black men’. That’s such a weak mentality. If anything black men should be giving a higher quality version of themselves to our community and to the world. I know so many strong upwardly mobile black people and it’s a shame that the likes of Lil Wayne has become our main representative. Kudos to Watoto!

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