6 comments on “The Ugliness of Free Speech

  1. I regrettably agree with the ruling too. Still, these Westboro hate mongers actually think death of thousands is better than letting gay people live their lives without harassment. I wish there was some other legal technicality that we could get them on. I hope they never decide to take violent action on behalf of their “beliefs.”

  2. I third, it’s unfortunate but sometimes you have to give others the freedom to do things you don’t like in order to protect your own freedoms.

  3. I’m sorry. I do not hold that the concept of Freedom of Speech was ever meant to allow such behaviour as displayed by these Westboro Baptists. If it was, then the concept is flawed. These guys are ignorant bullies and should be treated as such. Give no quarter to bullies. Would these Westboro Baptists defend the right of others to go to a funeral of one of their loved ones and to disrupt it in a similar show of hatred and disrespect? I doubt it.

    • Lone Grey Squirrel,

      As hard as it might be, it’s important not to give way to emotion here. Are those people lunatics in every way possible? Yes. Should they be denied free speech because of it? Never. It’s not about denying the bullies quarters. It’s about giving them quarters so that you and I can have them as well.

  4. Ellena,
    I appreciate what you are saying and I know I am on a slippery slope. Yet, this is exploited in such a way in society today that the voices of extremism have far more publicity and air time than the voice of the moderate majority. Say that the world is flat and you get your interview on TV. Say that the world is round and nobody pays attention even though it is the truth. Nevertheless, thanks for your encouragement. I’ll try harder to remain positive.

  5. Hey Dre,
    As you know, my good friend and neighbor, Tim Morr, lost his son Allan A. Morr in Iraq to an IED. At his funeral, Mr. Phelps and his sick bunch saw fit to yell horrible things at my grieving friends. Despite the fact that I would like to see these twisted individuals rot in Hell for what they have done, I will defend to my death their right to continue. As odd as that sounds, I believe the S.C. has it right. Freedom of speech is more important than shutting idiots down. The answer to idiotic speech is more free speech, not less. Everyone hates to hear something that offends them, myself included, but I fear the censors far more than those that need censoring. It always strikes me as hypocritical that those who want to limit speech are always talking about limiting the other side and never think that they should be limited themselves. If each side gets to limit the other…soon there will be no free speech at all. “An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.” I would rather suffer fools.

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