3 comments on “Open Face, Open Book

  1. This Republican asshat only lost because nobody voted for him. It had nothing to do with Facebook. If his whole campaign was his Facebook account I’d say he’s not very good at strategy. When you put all your eggs in one basket you’re probably going to lose. Bad strategy = bad results, every time! I could go on, but I’m sure everyone, except him, gets my point.

  2. Hahahahaha! These Republican dorks are always preaching about free market and a corporation’s abilities to function without interference. But when those corporations don’t act in their interest? Cry foul. Republicans never cease to amaz me.

  3. I find it hard to support ANY Republican or their woes. I’m such a conspiracy theorist, though, that I believe that someone higher than FB could be hard at work. Glad the bozo lost but, who really knows how the political machine works and what devices they have at their disposal? Remember that the FBI denied emphatically that they kept files on Black leaders, but, when the truth was told, a different story. Of course, that story and the other lies go on ad infinitum.

    Take a look at this Republican’s name – no matter what his ideals or loyalties are, the political machine is not anxious to let yet another Arabic-sounding name into office. I mean really, look at the havoc the name “Obama” brought upon us. lol.

    I am a FB subscriber but I am often at odds with its policies. Unfortunately it is the present/future of this world’s networking persona, so, I’ll probably be with them for a lot longer.


    News today: Republicans have decided to replace the “green” items put in place by Ms Pelosi and return to the landfill nightmares to which they are so accustomed to using (plastic utensils, for example). And, they’re proud of it. Every loss of office for a Republican is a bigger smile upon my face. Peace.

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