13 comments on “DUI-ronic

  1. What I have never liked about MADD is that their goals are to take whatever they are given legislatively and then demand more. There is no end. If they actually want something short of prohibition, then they should say what their goals are, what, if fulfilled, would cause them to disband, and let’s have a conversation.

  2. This doesn’t surprise me and underlines the dangers of self-righteousness. I read a study recently where something like 10% of drivers admitted to driving while intoxicated in the past year. That is not my experience. Among people I know (who drink at all, and who are semi-honest) in my fairly close age range (I’m 40, so 10 years on either side) I’d say the rate (not necessarily in a year, but certainly at some point in their lives) approaches 100%. Virtually everyone does it/has done it at some point. That’s why I think they should focus a lot more on habitual offenders vs. people who make one off mistakes – the statistics are clear that the vast majority of the problem is with people who do it repeatedly.

  3. Isn’t that what they call poetic justice? MADD and their supporters have browbeat the government into lowering the blood alcohol content to .008 for drivers so that makes most women legally drunk after drinking one cocktail after work (this lady’s .234 reading would indicate she drank the whole bottle).

    Driving impairment at .008 is negligible, like tuning your car radio, but can ruin your whole life if you are stopped by police at a roadblock, etc. In the meantime, the streets and highways have become a death zone caused by cell phone users. I have been crashed into twice in the past year by people talking on cellphones. There was another very near miss. Nothing illegal about that is it MADD?

  4. I agree Spence. MADD promotes draconian measures that ruin people’s lives. For most people, calling a BAC of 0.08 drunk is ridiculous. But anyone who points this out gets attacked by MADD as being pro-drunk driving. Sure, a small percentage of people are drunk at this or even lower levels, but the police already have discretion to make an arrest at lower BACs if the person appears impaired. Above that BAC, however, the police have no discretion and must make an arrest, even if the person is clearly not impaired.

    How about having a reality-based standard of impairment? Of course people should not be on the roads if they are drunk. I don’t think anyone would argue otherwise. But the fact is, driving while tired is more dangerous than a 0.08 BAC. DUI limits should return to 0.12, or at least 0.10 to restore sanity to these laws.

    This MADD woman, on the other hand, had a 0.234 BAC. By any standard, she was completely hammered. Deserves whatever punishment they throw at her.

  5. Man! Why the hate for MADD? I mean, who doesn’t want to promote safe driving?

    • Dre,

      The laws that keep lowing the blood level have ruined many lives. The fanatics of MADD have rammed laws down our throats – who could be against mothers who have lost children…. I hope the judge throws the Book at her for being such a hypocrite!

  6. What a hypocrite!!!, I hope she is convicted of the punishment she wanted others to be convicted of a DUI. I believe it was a harsher conviction for first offenders but since her BAC was over double the legal limit she should go to jail for 6 months. Enjoy your conviction you and your fellow MADD members passed

  7. I’ve always like these finger pointers,their better than you attitude.It be like a 15 yr old judging a 60 yr old,knowing nothing about them.They condem drunk driving then get caught driving drunk. They condem child abuse then get busted as a pedophile and more. Most professional physical trainers talking about being fit and no excuse to be over weight,well most are 35 and under and haven’t had life repeatedly slap them in the face. “Judge and you to shall be judged” HYPOCRITE’S hahaha So sad!!!

  8. Without casting stones, I’m at a lost with this story. With a blood alcohol level as high as hers was she had a lot more to drink than just four beers. Four six packs would probably be closer to the truth. I just don’t know how anyone can go from heading a chapter of MADD to being arrested for DUI. Even if her chapter closed a few years ago it is still sad that she would drink and then get behind the wheel of a car.

  9. Drunk driving is not a joke. It kills too many people each year. MADD’s mission against drunk driving is important. You don’t have to be perfect to try to make a positive difference in this world. Let s/he is without sin cast the first stone

    • Great point, Samantha. It’s easy to get caught up in the hypocrisy (I know I did), but at the end, none of us are without fault. We should be more concerned with getting ALL drunk drivers off the road.

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