5 comments on “Cutting the Nose to Spite the Face

  1. I’d hardly consider Bill Kristol and Barbara Bush “prominent voices” in the Republican party. Fanning the flames again, huh Andre?

  2. I LOVe watching right wing loons go at each other! hahaha! It’s like their in a contest to see who can come across dumber. I love it!

    This is a strange contest, though, because it involves a clear paranoid lunatic (Glenn Beck) and a sleazy, slimy, disingenous pundit (Kristol). An aging relic in the Republican party with no real political muscle (Babs Bush) and an outright idiot (Palin). Watching these two groups fight is like watching wheelchair wrestling.

  3. “For a person like Glenn Beck, I suspect his career won’t be affected too much. His viewers are mostly comprised of fringe conspiracy theorists looking for new ways to link President Obama to the clandestine, Hitler-led, Stalin-endorse, Kenyan, Muslim, Marxist, Illuminati power structure.”

    Glenn Beck continues to make a killing in the ratings department. His ratings are holding pretty steady at around 2.2 million viewers, still more than most other shows in that time slot…which, by the way is not even in prime time. Picking up those numbers is astounishing. And I don’t even like the guy.

    • I agree J. Alex. The left has been celebrating Beck’s decline in viewers as a sign of his overall decline. Not so. It’s like saying Kobe’s game is declining because he dropped 60 points one night, but only averaged 35 points a game for the rest of the season.

  4. Hey Dre,
    “Saaaaaaaraaah. Ooh, I just scared myself.” I just love this. People who have accomplished very little (comparatively speaking), talking about how stupid and idiotic people are that are far richer, more powerful, and better known. I only wish I were half as dumb as Beck or Palin so I could get out of this damn mailroom and start making some serious money. Anyway, let me have my spin on all of this. First, there is no big infighting in the Republican Party. Not any more than usual anyway. This is nothing but propaganda by the Left Stream Media designed to help the Dems feel better after the ass-kicking they got in November and to keep them energized until 2012. Afterall, before they can convince you to organize and try to take them out, they have to first convince you that they’re weak and vulnerable. All these people have their purpose within the Party. Just like the Feminists, the Blacks, the Gays, the Gray-Haired Hippy Douchebags, and all the rest of the groups you guys have in your Party. Sharpton and Jesse, Jon Stewart and Corbert, all the gay actors and actresses, they all play a part. They keep their constituents angry, frightened, and engaged. It’s the same thing for the Reps. Beck appeals to the conspiracy theorists. Just like your 9/11 Truthers and Michael Moore. Palin is drawing in the aging, mostly white, middle class moms who have found that being used by “players”, having multiple abortions, and raising kids on their own isn’t all that benefical or empowering. Hannity and Rush keep the traditionalists convinced that their country is being hijacked and flushed down the fiscal toilet and the Republican Party’s job is to keep them all in line by accenting their common goals. Bill Kristol is just a tool trying to be the “acceptable” neo-con roaming the Left’s domain. He gets too out of line and his New York Times job is history. They’re the one’s shoving the words into his mouth. He’s as much a conservative as Steven Corbert. Or are you guys buying that act too? Is this all proof of Republican self-destruction? Yeah, and Big Time Wrestling is real.

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