11 comments on “Whoa Andre! You Read WHAT?!

  1. Dre! Say it ain’t so!! Not The Thomas of all Thomases!!??

    I would never even pick up the book, but, I did see a documentary on his life a few years back and, as much as I have put him down myself through the years, when I saw the story, I shed a tear for him.

    But, the story told also of his public berating of his sister about being on welfare (she says that they laughed about it later, but still . . .) and so many other incidents that would make one angry at the man.

    I can’t recall the details, unfortunately, but, I do recall that I could not believe that he was present for much of the documentary – as opposed to running and hiding from any accusations or tongue-lashings. If nothing else, he is a man of conviction – albeit, conviction far from mine. Then again, that is what makes us who we are.

    Gonna take your word for it that the book was “a good read”. Hope that it was thoroughly enjoyed. Peace.

    Sidebar: you didn’t seem so ill yesterday when sending pictures from you-know-where. lol

  2. Geez, Andre, you could give a sister some warning before a huge photo of Clarence Thomas pops up in her email! Seriously, I read your post with a great deal of interest. I just might add it to my to-read list. Your insight is appreciated.

  3. Glad you are feeling better. I don’t know much about this Clarence Thomas but it is cool that you were open enough to read his autobiography. When we take time to do things like that we probably would often than not be surprised how similar we all are – even though our politics are different. Still, few of us would take the trouble to do that. So good on you.

  4. Great Post Dre,
    Even if you disagree with Clarence Thomas, it’s hard to not respect his story. It’s always struck me as strange that most black folks attack other black people that have made it just because they disagree with them. Condi Rice is another great example of a brilliant, hard working black person that gets dissed by her own people. It’s hard to understand why they’re so hated when other figures are revered who have rode the system, used race baiting, exploited their religion and guided their people into dependency and the destruction of their families. Surely black people deserve to have choices too.

  5. I’ve always seen Clarence Thomas as a very strange, angry and conflicted man. For a good read, with penetrating insights and balance, skip his autobiography and read this: “Supreme Discomfort: The Divided Soul of Clarence Thomas” by Kevin Merida and Michael Fletcher. Autobiographies (or so-called “memoirs”) have always been full of one-sided, myopic views.

  6. Andre, I sincerely doubt that a self-inflated book written by and about Clarence Thomas will dispel anything I’ve seen from him. So, thanks but no thanks to his memoir.

  7. I didn’t read the whole book. The portions I did read made me gag. But I will comment on what I DID read about…his racial assaults. Damn, talk about playing the race card when it’s to one’s own advantage! Thomas wrote about how black men were defenseless against the accusations of any white person, which I agree with to an extent. But then whined about how Anita Hill (a black woman) victimized him. How does any of that make sense?

    He also goes on to say that she had the job she had because he gave it to her, then says why did she wait to voice her displeasure. Have you ever tried to tell on your boss for something? Good luck with that.

    I’m not saying the man sexually harassed Mrs. Hill, but this type of logic displays the lack of intellectual heft that many of his critics (black or white) allege as evidence of his unfitness to the bench.

    Moreover, how could someone who admittedly benefited from affirmative action (both in his graduation of law school and whether he likes to admit it or not in his appointment to the Supreme Court), and acknowledges that white people “will try to keep a black man in his place” then argue against the use of affirmative action to combat said racism?

    Sounds like that old African-American self hatred and I gotta get mine attitude that lead to the break down in Black families. I guess since his father left a little black boy behind, then Mr. Thomas has no problem doing the same to an entire race.

    How do I feel as an African-American law school graduate about Clarence Thomas being the Supreme Court’s only black member? Whoop-Dee-Damn-Doo!

  8. Props to AngryBlackDude. Lots of wisdom in your comment. @J. Alex: I’m going to look for that book. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. Some folks might be pissed off to hear this but Thomas is pretty far from a sell out when it comes to how he rules in court. If people actually look at his body of work they will see that he is one of the few Supreme Court Justices who makes decisions based of of strict interpretation of the Constitution versus the standard practice of referring to previous court rulings. Thomas is a headache and pain in the azz for big corporations who want laws bent to serve their purposes.

    Oh yeah the term “Uncle Tom” is actually kind of crazy in the way that it is used to refer to a sellout. In the book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, the character Uncle Tom was helping to hide runaway slaves. His cabin was a part of the Underground Railroad, lol. Not exactly a sellout, huh?

    Great blog Dre! Keep speaking your mind.
    Check out this article over here when you get a chance.

  10. Why are the major news outlets not giving MAJOR coverage to the current controversy regarding Justice Clarence Thomas? A formal complaint has been filed with the Missouri Supreme Court stating that Justice Thomas has committed numerous violations regarding the non-reporting of his wife’s income and other ethical and legal violations that should result in him being disbarred!!! This is a big, big story and should be covered 24/7. Many other people such as Martha Stewart have been found guilty of these same type of legal violations and have been convicted and either served prison time and/or heavily fined. Does the law not apply to Justice Thomas because he is a Supreme Court Justice and/or because he is African-American? See the following URL’s for more details concerning this story”


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