5 comments on “Note to Progressives: Obama’s NOT one of you!

  1. I hope progressives will find their way to your blog and read this post. They don’t seem to know that President Obama isn’t a progressive.

  2. Obama has turned radical. He’s embraced the radical policies that got our country deep in debt. No, I’m not talking about the stimulus bill. The stimulus created millions of jobs and improved our infrastructure. I’m talking about tax cuts and lack of any real regulation that would reign in the abuses by the financial sector. He’s become a radical conservative. There’s nothing moderate about that.

  3. Whether Obama is a “progressive” or not is really a moot point. Let’s face it: He could only be as progressive as the congress he inherited allowed. Short of that, he’s a staunch pragmatist: Get through congress what you can while you can, the best way you can. And with that, his achievements have been remarkable. And that from someone who’s more than a progressive, but a proud humanist.

    On the war in Afghanistan: He never said he wouldn’t pursue that war, seeing it as the epicenter of the war on terror.

    On health-care reform: He followed the Massachusetts’ model, hoping to gain Republican support for the measure, aware that some Republican support would be needed in the Senate if reform was remotely possible.

    Many Progressives have abandoned him, not realizing, or caring, that a limited victory is better than no victory at all.

  4. Nice post Dre,
    Reading this has me as confused as a moderate can be. I voted for Obama hoping that he would be a middle-of-the road, relatively bipartisan, post racial, fiscally responsible president. As advertised by him! From Day One he handed the reigns over to the farthest left progressives we have in Congress, the Californication Crowd. They then bullied their agenda as best they could for two years with only their own Blue Dog Dems holding them back from leftist utopia. It’s funny to hear people saying, with one side of their mouth, that President Obama acheived all these wonder things, particularly during the lame duck session (with a clear majority BTW), and then using the other side of their mouth to say he’s caving to the right. President Obama is neither a Progressive or a Moderate. He’s not a Leftist or a Socialist. What he is, in fact, is a Sociologist. A man steeped in knowledge of all societies ills and prejudices, of all America’s historical faults and shortcomings. Like most all of our students and professors here on campus that study sociology ad nauseum, he lacks any knowledge in two important areas; Business management and economics.

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