6 comments on “A Sneak Preview of Rich Rod’s Evaluation

  1. LOL! I guess with the season UM had, you need to find the laughs whereever you can!

  2. Hey Dre,
    I have it by good inside source in A2 that Richrod will NOT be fired and the brunt of the blame will be put on his defensive coach, Greg Robinson, who WILL be fired. We’ll see how good my sources are.

    • Wow! Really?! Color me surprised.

      To a small degree, I can see that. Rich Rod’s offense has looked pretty good this year, with some obvious exceptions. That might be his saving grace. Well that and the hint that Michigan’s star quarterback is kinda, sorta hinting…or not hinting that he’ll leave if Rich Rod isn’t retained.

      Ooooh, your gossip is getting me antsy! lol

  3. Is it just really about wins and losses for Michigan fans? There is not much difference in the win/loss column, not as much as current circumstance makes it seem.

    Rodriguez (3 Years)
    2010: 7-6
    2009: 5-7
    2008: 3-9
    Rivalry Games (2 Teams): 0-6

    Harbaugh (4 Years)
    2010: 12-1
    2009: 8-5
    2008: 5-7
    2007: 4-8
    Rivalry Games (1 team): 2-2

    Remember, in 2007, West Virginia finished with a 11-2 record (10-2 under Rodriguez). They also finished 11-2 the previous year as well, and 11-1 the year before that, which may had been 12-1 if not having a game against a .500 South Florida team postponed. Rodriguez’s track record everywhere he has been, have been slow starts, so why would the Michigan faithful expect anything different. It’s not so much as advocating for RichRod as it is of advocating for patience in the midst of turmoil. At least one more year would be a more pure evaluation…along with giving Greg Robinson the boot! Michigan has improved in the win column, despite it’s freefall in the defensive stats…and sky-rocketing of points against! Harbaugh, or any other coach for the matter, does not guarantee an exit out of college football Hades anytime soon, as Harbaugh and any other coach would also have to go through the process of “getting their players.”

    -to the above statement, I think that will be better for Michigan, especially in the short-term which seems to be all that we are worried about these days…fire Robinson!!!! LOL

  4. SIGH, My source sucks. This was my big chance to get some creds with the sporties…and I blew it. I should have stuck with politics.

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