12 comments on “The Politics of the 2010 Census: Winners and Losers

  1. I wouldn’t worry about Texas. If anythhing, Dems should be happy to hear the news about Texas. With Latino populations growing there, Democrats are looking pretty good right now. Republicans will NEVER get their vote?

    • Kevin, you’re not serious are you? Texas has a Republican governor AND a supermajority in their House. Besides that, the last time that state went blue was 1976. Texas is damn near crimson red by now.

  2. Why does the Left consider all non white people in America their political property? Contrary to popular opinions of the Left many non whites vote conservative, I guess they haven’t been told they are Democrats.

    • Uh, excuse me? When’s the last time you saw a Republican candidate making Harlem a stop on their campaign trail? Remember how three of the top four GOP candidates didn’t bother showing up to a debate at Morgan State University in 2007? Remember how most of them snubbed the debate hosted by Univision (the popular Latino TV station)? Remember how only one Republican candidate showed up at the convention of the National Association of Latino Elected & Appointed Officials

      The “assumption” you just spoke of about minorities and Democrats goes both way. Tell them to start reaching out more to minorities and then you can complain.

  3. I don’t get the hysteria in this post. It seems to me that the people moving south bound are the ones losing the jobs and the ones most likely to support Democrats. Democrats moving to warmer weather…what’s the problem?

    • Martin,

      I agree to an extent. But the question is: how many Democrat-leaning people moving south can ACTUALLY change the balance of control in that region? I think major ideological shifts are less likely to happen in areas where Republicans far outnumber Democrats. Maybe we’ll see a changing of the guard in a state that is more closely split (Florida, for instance), but not likely in a place like Texas.

  4. “Perhaps one of the most significant, but under-discussed phenomenons is how congressional reapportionment is controlled by state legislatures, which themselves typically act in a partisan fashion. The results? In many cases, the party in control broadens and cements their power through gerrymandering; essentially the practice of redrawing the boundaries for districts in a manner suiting the interests of that party.”

    Great point! Something I’ve been telling people for a long time. When the newly elected GOP governors in many of these states get ahold of the redistricting though, they will be able to gerrymander the districts to make sure the Dems see little gain.

    The ripple effect of November’s elections!

    • Your oversimplifying things. Redistricting is only a small side effect here. The biggest issue surfacing from the census is the dramatic relocation of voting blocs. These aren’t just knucklehead teens and young adults who don’t vote that are moving. It’s working adults, senior citizens. People who make their voices heard.

  5. H. Anderson,

    I’m not sure why you would think redistricting doesn’t matter. The census data explicitly allows states to realign congressional and legislative districts in based on population shifts since the last census. That’s one of the Census’ main purposes. It essentially assures equal representation for constituents in voting areas, motivated by the “one-person, one-vote” principle of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. I recommend you check out this guide to Census 2010 redistricting. It’s pretty informative.

  6. Hey Dre,
    I’m amazed at what an issue gerry mandering becomes when the Republicans do it. Let’s get rid of the whole thing and grid out the states starting with the next census, (You can’t change the rules now just because you lost.) Also, when did a lame duck congress passing all kinds of legislation become a good thing?? If this were Republicans, the press would be screaming foul. Here in Michigan, Granholm has passed more legislation in the past year than any other administration…ever! Plus she has pardoned and commuted more sentences than any other Governor. (It should be noticed however, that she also turned down more. That’s like me telling my wife, “Sure, I cheated on you with all kinds of women, but look at all the ones that I turned down!” Oddly, we don’t here a word of protest by the Left Stream Media on these subjects.

  7. I know that it still happens, but Isn’t gerrymandering illegal?

    Is there no way for it to be challenged by disgruntled parties (whether they by dem, rep or ind.?) Maybe that is what needs to happen when this redistricting gets going.

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