8 comments on “Own, or No Vote!

  1. Hey Dre,
    I was right with you on this post-up until the end. Your statement that, “This would include many people serving in the Armed Forces – people defending this clown’s freedom to suggest such stupidity – who may not own a home.” was right on point. Unfortunately, freedom of expression includes nutty statements like Mr. Phillip’s, as well as your right to inject some common sense into the conversation. I hope it’ll always be like that, because you had no problem showing this moron for what he is. Then you ruined it for me by using him as yet another attempt to paint the Tea Party as infiltrated, and influenced, by extremists. Does Alvin Green (The ex-Senator hopeful from South Carolina) prove that Democrats or Blacks are idiots that can’t put a sentence together? NO! It proves that one man is a idiot, nothing else. If we put Phillips in office along with Tea Partiers who shared his hopes and were willing to sign on to his legislation, I would understand your point. Otherwise, it seems like more Democrat talking points designed to distract us away from the Tea Party’s central message of spending less and getting our financial house in order. Could you address for me, without veering off, why no defenders of the Obama Administration want to talk about that message? It seems that when I confront them they only want to talk about how Bush and the Republicans were worse. As if one idiotic move justifies another.

    • Hip Con,

      I think [most] Obama supporters have been OK with the ill-implemented spending spree he’s been on lately because they believe it’s all apart of an effort to fix the damage from the Bush administration. Essentially, it’s like running up a crazy water bill to put out the previous president’s fire. Not exactly my idea of sound policy (i.e. trying to bail out failed companies, pushing health care, and advocating other costly progressive agendas instead of handling jobs and the economy first and foremost). But I get why he did what he did. Most of his followers can live with that.

      Then the Tea Party (codename: Republican Party 2.0) comes along with this seemingly misplaced anger at what Obama’s doing without even factoring in the mess that happened just a few years prior. This deficit didn’t get start when the dude was inaugurated. It grew, no doubt. But it didn’t originate with him.

      This doesn’t – nor has it ever, in my book – dismisses Obama’s careless spending. But the Tea Party (and the Republican party it’s fueled by) has never even taken attempts at parity. That’s always been the problem with them.

      • Very sane, well thought out response. I agree with you that the T.P. doesn’t give President Obama the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the mess that he was handed or the effort that he made to correct it. It’s easy to second guess. I was watching a forum of mixed Dem/Rep citizens the other day and I was struck by how polarized they were. I can sum it up with two statements; “We’re going to go bankrupt” and “Cutting spending equals racism and class warfare.” Looking around the world and the attempts at Austerity and how they are blocked by public unions, it’s easy to see the lines are drawn. The lower classes will accept no serious cuts and the country can not sustain itself without them. I fear the future is easy to predict, Default of U.S. bonds followed by the collapse of the social safety net. Riots, suffering, poverty and disease. All because Americans either can’t understand math, or don’t want to. Point of interest-I read an article recently that says about 70% of the wealth in this country is held by 10% of our citizens, out of that only approx. 2% is liquid. The rest is property, mostly business related. A good point for people who think that millionaires can just reach into their pockets to solve all of the people’s problems.

  2. God! Please bring back the literacy test. That would elimiante voting rights for most under 100 IQ Teabagger morons (Phillips especially). Please, please, please!!!

  3. The problem with Phillips’ comments is that they don’t go far enough. Why stop at land-ownership? Let’s also restrict black people from voting. And women. And handicapped people…I mean, we KNOW they don’t vote.

    Let’s hear it for the Tea Party! Defenders of the Constitution…even the part about owning slaves and voter disenfranchisment.

  4. Sigh, you guys definately missed the whole message of 2010, I predict another major thumping in 2012. Have you ever wondered why the left stream media vilifies the Tea Party so much? Do you really think that they fear their racism???

  5. Tea anyone?

    Judson Phillips is a fool, so all our military personnel, firemen, policemen and elderly who don’t own property can’t vote?

    How about all people who have filed bankruptcy can’t vote (like Judson Phillips), or those who fail to answer questions about our country history can’t run for public office (like Sarah Palin or Christine O’donnell), how about that, please.

    So what do you think these losers want next, SLAVES?

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