4 comments on “Rangel Guilty of More Than Just Ethics Violations

  1. Good. Nice to know that you’re capable of holding someone besides conservatives accountable for their screw ups.

  2. Not sure where you’ve been for the past two years, but I slam deserving Democrats and deserving Republicans alike. It just so happens that I find more evilness on the GOP side.

  3. Danger awaits when you start believing your own press releases. It’s too bad that the “lion in the House” allowed his arrogance to contribute to the demise of his political career.

  4. Hey Dre,
    The big difference between Rangel and James Traficant is that Traficant was held responsible closer to what you and me would see. Rangel will get a slap on the wrist today made out to look harsh. It’ll be, “Rep. Rangel was harshly rebuked by his fellow Representatives, a major embarrassment for someone of his stature and outstanding history.” Pleeease. Me and you would be wearing Prison Orange.

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