16 comments on “Don’t Call ME A Racist, You N**ger!

  1. First time I am seeing this video. I think this woman is a suppressed racist. I mean she is racist at heart but has tried to hide it in a veneer of civility. But when civility goes out the window…… I thought the postman was too tolerant and patient. He probably would have done better by just driving off earlier. I sure hope he did not lose his job over this incident.

  2. I’m with Lone Grey Squirrel on this one (See? You’re not alone after all! lol!). This lady’s tirades have nothing to do with just venting. She’s a racist to her core. Listen to some of what she’s saying. Those aren’t just the soundbytes of a frustrated person.

    • I thought I read that Ms. Winchester was nominated by the Tea Party for Senate. Glad you confirmed it. lol

      • LOL, Keep it up. Tea Party = Racism. You guys are well on your way to another historic loss in 2012 and I don’t believe I could even get you to understand why. SIGH! They rallied their base, brought in white women who are getting sick of the Liberal Woman version of life, and handed the Dems their butt on a message of “Stop the Spending”. All you guys seem to see is what the Left-Stream Media feeds you. I’ll bet you’ll be shocked and confused again.

  3. Goodness! It’s times like this when I’m embarassed to be white.

    But I must say, the postman displayed a lot of class for keeping his composure and by staying respectful despite this woman’s vile behavior. I don’t think I would have had the patience to endure her abuse. I especially love the part where she says ‘I am not a racist… but you’re acting like a n$#%^$.’ In what alternate universe would a comment like this make any sense?!

  4. Andre, I appreciate this post and in your unique way of educating people about racial insensitives and such. But I have to admit: I find it odd that you would dismiss the fact this man was fired because of this. That’s the ultimate slap in the face. Worse than the slap she gave him.

    • Anon,

      Nothing I’ve read suggests that he was fired for this. In some accounts I read, he was fired for other performance issues. I’m not entirely sure…and the USPS is not saying much. I don’t want to speculate.

      If he was fired for this, yeah, I’ll be outraged. But I don’t have any evidence suggesting that.

  5. HAAAAA! First she says, “I’m not a racist,” but then goes on to say call him a “ni**er thief” and tell him that black people have lower IQs. On behalf of white people everywhere, allow me to say I’m sorry. Geeeeeee whiz!

    • Go away LGS. We don’t want your kind around here.

      Sorry, I couldn’t say that with a straight face. lol. Anyway, great to have you aboard. You bless me each time you come around! I only wish the rest of the world could be as tolerant and accepting as many of the fine folks are here. But I guess that’s why it’s up to us to be agents of good. The world’s not getting any better unless more of us project human goodness to each other.

  6. i can even believe he stayed there so long enduring her rants. i would have walked away from her a long time ago and continued delivering my mail and let her take it up with the postal office.

    • it’s me, Sylvia aka heiresschild; i used the wrong email address.

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  8. Wow…just…wow.

    When I see/hear things like this, I try to hold on to what my Dear Mom has taught me: There’s good and bad in every race/ethnic group.

    That said, would the comment thread be as long if it were a Black person racially assaulting a White person, or another person of color? Y’all know it happens – all of the time. Something to consider.

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