5 comments on “Random Thoughts: Tyler Perry

  1. Hey Dre,
    I’m curious. You said that Tyler was NOT responsible for, “Fox News and the wave of oppressive conservatism sweeping across this country”. What is the “wave of oppressive conservatism” that your talking about?

  2. HipCon,

    Fox News is notorious for encouraging small-minded views regarding people of color who don’t subscribe to their views. They dissmeniate those views through narratives they try to disguise as real journalism. On top of that, they actually bring on guest who spew their inflammatory views unopposed. Every now and then, they’ll have on particularly inflammatory black guests; in an attempt (as far as my opinion goes) to lend credence to the station’s systemic prejudice.

  3. Hey Dre,
    I wasn’t really referring to Fox News, I was wondering about the “wave of oppressive conservatism” that you referred to. I don’t see how there is this connection between the recent wave of Fiscal Conservatism and oppression (although I know that is the Democrat talking point designed to keep particularly people of color from considering any other point of view.) While I certainly can see how certain events or statements by Fox News can be construed as systemic prejudice, I would be curious to hear what specific statements or events your talking about. One question though. Do you ever think that this idea of constantly pointing out any “systemic prejudice” by Democrats when referring to Fox News, Tea Partiers, or Conservatives is just an effort to divert people of color’s attention away from their real message? Like for instance; the problem of our growing debt or the culture of dependency that Democrats sell to minorities? I’ve noticed that whenever anyone, even Bill Cosby or Juan Williams, tries to point out how swearing allegiance to the Democrat Party has only increased that group’s social ills, it’s immediately dismissed as prejudice without any consideration of the main point or statistics that support it.

    • HipCon,

      You already know how I feel about the Democratic agenda and how Dems nefariously posture themselves for minority votes without actually addressing their issues/concerns.

      On a personal front (I can’t speak for the masses on this one), but I don’t have a problem with the likes of Juan Williams or the Cos making a case against certain destructive behaviors of minorities and their blind political subscriptions to the Democratic platform. After all, they’re people who have certainly “picked themselves up by the bootstraps.” But one problem they have (and that is ESPECIALLY evident in people on the right) is that don’t – even in small quantities – factor in the role of race, discrimination, socio-economic status, etc. They blindly subscribe to their own ideology of equality and color-blindness. “If I can do it, so can you” is what they espouse. That myopic view of the world is about as oppressive and insensitive as anything the Dems can come up with. Both sides are bad, but I won’t pretend Dems are as bad as Repubs.

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