11 comments on “Election Day: The Tale of Two Evils

  1. I’ve hated this two-party system for as long as I can remember. I have said many times that it takes responsible voting at the local levels to bring about the type of leaders that we need at the national level. If those local-level leaders are ‘watered and cultivated” over the years, by the time they reach the national level, we would have many choices rather than just two.

    So much for the future. Today we vote. Today we have a two-party system. It is ALL that we have. No third party champion is going to comes forth from the mist to save us. Perhaps age brings about a difference in the thought process. Having been around long enough to see many “regimes” in this country makes it a no-brainer for me: vote Democratic. No matter their shortcomings, no matter their lack of a concrete agenda, the least, and I must stress, THE LEAST that they have to offer far, far outweighs the human destruction that the Republicans will bring our way . . . again.

    Even having said that, I still must reiterate that voting along party lines is not the way to go. Remaining loyal “just because” does no bring about the change that is needed. But, in my lifetime thus far, the bottom line always reads the same – Republicans have NEVER had my interests in mind, and as far as I can tell . . . never will. Peace.

    • Amen Freedom,
      It’s the great “Catch 22” of politics. We don’t vote for third parties because they can’t win. They can’t win because we don’t vote for them. Sigh. We need to have a lot of parties with very little power that have to form a consensus with each other. This two party system just leaves me alternately pissed off. Why would Republicans do anything for the gun toters, or the anti-abortionists? They’re always going to vote Rep no matter what. Why would the Dems help black people? Or Feminists? Or Gays? They’re going to vote Dem anyway. No one votes FOR anyone anymore, they just vote AGAINST the people they’re taught to fear. I guess I’m just as bad though, I just throw out whoever pisses me off THIS year.

  2. What a great night for Republicans! The people spoke. Sorry it wasn’t the message you all wanted to hear.

  3. Thank goodness this election mess if FINALLY over. No more automated calls. No more people at my door. No more lawn signs. No more smear ads. It’s all over! Until…

    …2012, of course. Sigh.

    • Amen Josh! The country took a huge step in the right direction in making the USA great again! Here’s to the much improved Congress and to riding that momentum all the way to 2012!!

      • I respect your opinion on the matter but, in disagreement, the country, imho, did not take a step in the right direction. The Republicans are still angry that Obama won and tried everything they could to slow progress. Now that they have a majority again, they will make matters even worse by vetoing each and every move that the President tries to make . . . all in the name of revenge, and nothing in the way of making things better.

  4. Hey Dre,
    I’m proud to say my predictions were 4 for 4 back a month ago on this site.However my numbers were a little off. I said the House gains for the Reps may be as high as 55. It was 61. I said the Senate would be 9 or 10, it was 7. I said the Gubernatorials would be 9 or 10, it was 7. I said Snyder would win easily in Michigan and he did. The Dems took a vicious, historic beating, but it could have been far worse. A lot of the races were squeekers with the union “get out the vote” effort saving them from a worse beating. For all the noise about Rep spending, my mailbox was overflowing with Dem literature. The local stations were running Dems ads back to back to back. Shilling for the Dems by the media was non-stop. Overall, this was bad fo the Obama administration IMO. They would have been better off to lose the Senate, then they could have shared the blame for the bad economy. With the Presidency and the Senate, it’s going to be harder to blame the Reps-but they will definately try. Here’s my prediction for the next two years: Harry Reid will resign over allegations of voter fraud, which he will deny. (No race in the Senate was missed by as large a margin in the polls.) President Obama will not adjust to the new reality. (He’s already misinterpreting the results). The Reps have also misinterpreted the results BTW. (This was a restraining order against the Dems, not a mandate for the Reps.)The Reps will be try to be more fiscally responsible, but will be in a feud with the Dems for the next two years that will make both of them look incompetent. The economy will turn around, but not as well as the populous wants. Hillary will make a run at the Presidency and you will see an epic division between Dem women and the male minority fractions within the Democrat Party. The Tea Party will continue to be a driving force in the Republican Party and may cause a split in their Party. If they can hold it together though, they will take all the prizes in 2012. If not, there is an equal chance of seeing a Hillary Clinton Presidency as any other outcome. I think her chances look pretty good of upsetting everyone’s apple cart. It’s going to be an interesting 2 years!

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