11 comments on “Renting and the 2010 Midterms

  1. All that needs to be said is VOTE DEMOCRATIC!! We do not want to go back to the Bush days, and Obama has a hard road ahead to finally pull us out of the Bush mess. He needs all the help he can get.

  2. Uh, no! Clearly the REAL solution is to get rid of the Dumbocrats before they do more harm than what can be fixed. Republicans have always had the right pro job and pro economy solution. BUT they need to be watched closely to make sure they tow the line and don’t stray off like before! While you folks on the left have been busy demonizing the Tea Party, they’re the best people out there to keep EVERYBODY honest!

    • Josh, please tell me what you’ve been smoking, because I need some. We’ve been trying the right wing philosophy of “free,” unregulated trade with a tax policy incredibly weighted towards the mega rich for thirty years. They try to tell you those are the people who “create jobs;” while they’ve sent those jobs at a STEADY pace to cheap foreign countries with no labor guidelines/child labor protections. And they actually have the gall to lump these rich, transnational operations into their definition of a “small business!”

      If you like the status quo these past three decades then vote Republican. If you enjoy walking into a Harley Davidson clothing store and buying your Harley leather jacket made in China, vote Republican. They certainly continue to deserve our trust with American jobs!

    • How quickly do we forget. When the Democrats took over Congress in 2007, the deficit was $160 billion; now it’s $1.3 TRILLION. The national debt has, in less than four years, increased by $4.9 TRILLION, a 56% increase from the amount built up over 221 years. The unemployment rate was 4.6% then; now it’s 9.6%. Laws affecting huge parts of the economy were passed without the Democrats who voted for them even reading them, and for the first time since the modern budget process was put in place in 1974, no budget bill was even written for the fiscal year that started October 1st. This past year, the Democrats spent 63% more money than the government took in. The largest tax increase in history is scheduled to go into effect January 1st, and the Democrats have done nothing about it in almost four years, but promise they will “after the election”. Do you want to reward this record?

      • So right there, Josh, I need to jump in. Your deficit numbers simply aren’t true. Here’s the REAL lowdown:

        For one, you’re correct in one sense: the deficit DID grow under Obama, but not even close to as much as you’re claiming. The simple fact is that Obama inherited a federal deficit of $1.2 trillion on the day he was sworn in. Less than two weeks before that, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated that the deficit Obama inherited was closer to 1.2 trillion dollars. That figure included all the bills signed by Bush before he left office…also AFTER Obama signed his stimulus bill and submitted his own budget. But even so, by the time the fiscal year ended Sept. 30, the actual deficit was $1.4 trillion, CBO said. Don’t blame me, I’m just the messenger: http://www.cbo.gov/ftpdocs/107xx/doc10708/11-06-mbr.htm

        Does that let Obama off the hook? Absolutely not. Spending on credit has been absolutely out of control during his administration. But to make this all Obama’s problem is simply incorrect.

  3. Hey Dre,
    Interesting metaphor….or not. Let me try. Suppose my tenant, a lot like yours, did all the things you say. Now, let’s take it a little farther. Let’s assume, like you did, that he’s a member of a group of people who I’m prone to stereotype as all alike, in motive and action. Like maybe black, or Hispanic, or gay, for instance. After he trashes my house and I evict him, I invite a new tenant, who is stereotyped by me as having only good intentions. Maybe, I don’t know,……..like straight and white. This person is noble and good. I know this because, well, I know these kind of people. He’s not paying his rent because he spends money like it’s going out of style, with MY credit card, but I know in my heart that he’s trying. No matter how insane his attempts. Should I now go back to a member of the old “gang”? After all, I know they are all the same and will trash my house again. Or should I stay with my “Good intentioned” member of the group I know is noble, even though he’s raping my bank account, because I know “those people” better?

    Totally unrelated story. Totally, totally unrelated.

    • Fortunately, HC, we don’t have to create “stereotypes” about certain behavior when we have seen (or heard) evidence of what kind of “tenants” we have. We have a party committed to preserving Bush’s tax cuts, repealing Health Care (interesting to see if the GOP will get enough seats to override a Presidential veto), and shooting down just about every piece of progressive legislation that HAS been passed up to this point. One the other side, we have a party (at least the President) who appears to be committed to preseving the dimishing working class and looking out for the poor. Forget stereotypes. This is more like doing a basic background check.

      I agree – and will continue to agree to this day – that Obama’s priorities were wrong from the beginning. For all the major accomplishments that have been made, the big fish still hasn’t been snagged yet. This is going to cost the Dems next month, I pretty sure. Added to that, the Dems don’t have an effective enough PR campaign to dispel myths and fears propogated by their opponents. They’ll pay the price for it. It won’t be pretty, come November.

      • Hey Dre,
        I think the old Republican guard and the new Fiscal Conservatives have very little in common. The Tea Party, like them or not, has pushed the Reps in the F.C. direction. The destruction of the house, to use your anology, was plenty due to irresponsible spending by everyone, all the way around. That’s why I don’t think you going to see the same kind of behavior this time around. The people simply won’t stand for it. If you believe these “progressive” actions were for the good, then I understand your point. I don’t believe they can repeal Health Care, that’s just a line for the misinformed on both sides. I personally would like to see a deal where a great draw-back on H.C. took place, but I wouldn’t count on that. I’ve stated many times that I would like to see a voluntary form of catastrophic care, not this (in my opinion) cluster-f**k. I’m pretty sure President Obama has helping the poor in his heart, I’m just not sure he knows the difference between helping, and enabling. He also seems to be pretty blank on how to create a job that isn’t subsidized. I think the problem isn’t so much selling his programs, as what he’s trying to sell. Independents like me watched a $878 billion dollar program do next to nothing and then we’re told “It would have been far worse without it.” Frankly, it’s hard to swallow. Four more days and then we’ll see how close my predictions were a month ago. I’m feeling pretty confident.

  4. Such a way with words, my man, such a way. Wonderful metaphor. Of course, that’s in a totally unrelated context, but, hey. Peace.

    • Hey Freedom,
      I’m just having a little fun with the premise. Andre knows I love and respect him. I’m only trying to add another dimension to the conversation; that not every Republican is the same, just like everyone else. Peace.

  5. Hey Dre,
    I’m sorry to interject between you and Josh, but I believe he was refering to “When the Democrats took over Congress in 2007”, Not when Obama took office in Jan 2009. Both your and Josh’s numbers appear correct and I would say they have to share some of the blame for that time period (’07 to ’09). The Democrats spent outlandishly and Bush and his Republicans cut deregulation deals (plus spending of their own) with them to avoid the “Veto” stamp. We, the American people, were the Chinese Handcuff in that deal.

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