3 comments on “In a word: VOTE!

  1. hey Dre,
    I’m going to give you my very early (and somewhat dangerous because it’s sooo early) prediction for this November’s election. With the economy showing no signs of turning around (as far as jobs), the Dems will bare the brunt of the punishment. The enthusiasm gap will hurt the Dems badly by tilting close races (those within 5% points) toward the Reps. I’m predicting roughly 50 (+/- 5) overall gained seats in the House, giving control back to the greedy and away from the misguided. The Senate will be close with a 9 or 10 seat gain for the Reps leaving the control to the Dems-just barely, but I wouldn’t completely rule out an upset by 1. Governor races will be tilted hard toward the Reps as states racked by overspending and slow growth due to bad policy (subsidized green jobs that haven’t materialized and the lack of intestinal fortitude to make the hard decisions) blamed on Democrats more than Republicans. Republicans will have a net gain of 9 or 10 governor races. In Michigan, Republican Rick Snyder will play safe to the finish line and easily beat Virg Benero. Let’s see how Commander HipCon does this time around. How about you Andre? Feeling brave?

  2. Brave predictions, Commander HipCon. I actually agree with you pretty closely. I’m not sure who Synder and Benero are, but I can certainly see the point shift you called in Congress.

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