10 comments on “Keeping it in the Family

  1. If I didn’t think the world lost its ever-loving mind before, I’m completely convinced now. Lord, take us away!

  2. You think I’m not onto you? I KNOW you’re making this stuff up!!!! lol With this sorta thing going on, you list of “reasons” is gonna hit the roof. Peace.

    • LOL! I was thinking the same thing. This kind of story HAS to be made up. It’s the kind of plot that you’d see on some strange television show, not something that actually plays out in reality. I’m still shaking my head at this one.

  3. As a grandmother myself, this story sickens me. I have zero tolerance for people who abuse children. But your own flesh and blood? She is the worst of the worst. She should be thrown UNDER the prison.

  4. What I don`t get is how a 15 year old, practically grown kid was doing while being “molested.” I’m not defending the lady. She’s a sicko. But could this kid NOT do anything to protect himself when people (especially family members) start touching you inappropriately? I’m not buying this story completely.

  5. Religion. Insanity. Religion. Insanity. Religion. Insanity.

    I’m starting to see the correlation.

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