Here at the Unmitigated Word, I’ve blogged about some pretty weird things. As such, it takes some particulary bizarre news to move the needle on my shock-o-meter. Quite frankly, people – as nuts as they can be – simply don’t surprise me anymore. But I don’t think I’ve ever read a story as ackward as what I’m about to post. Here’s the lowdown.

The story starts with a teacher’s aid in North Carolina. She’s been accused of having sex with a minor. No big deal, right? This level of ridiculousness is all too commonplace with educators these days (no offense to any teachers who still like to date within your own age group). The story gets a little more ackward because the boy in question turned out to be the lady’s own grandson. I know, right? Bizarre, for sure. But in certain parts of the world – and indeed this country – even this is not too uncommon.

Where this story gets jaw-droppingly weird is with what was allegedly uncovered during the police investigation. Turns out, they have phone records suggesting the woman – Toni Stowers-Moore – may have had sex with her grandson to “remove a sexual demon” he had. I’m not making this up:

Toni Stowers-Moore, 53, is charged with statutory rape/sex offense in which the defendant is six years older than the victim, incest with a child, and sexual battery. Detectives said the boy was 15 when it happened.

Prosecutors say they have phone recordings between Stowers-Moore and her relatives that captured her confession. She allegedly claimed sex with the teen was the only way to remove a sexual demon from him – and to protect others he might try to hurt.

But now, her story has changed.

“Now she says it was rape. But prior to this point, it has been a consensual sexual act that she did as some kind of religious sacrifice to save her other innocent people,” explained Durham District Attorney Tracey Cline.

Cline said prior to her arrest, Stowers-Moore was employed as a teacher’s assistant with Durham Public Schools.

Read the full article here.

As with any other story of guilt/innocence, we’ll have to wait until all the facts of the case have been introduced. But if all the accusations turn out to be true, I think I may have to retire myself as a blogger. Nothing in the universe can top this. Why bother writing anymore?