5 comments on “Quick Thoughts on Eddie Long

  1. After watching the video of the young man he did what Bishop was either unwilling, unable, or told not to do. He looked into the camera and said This happened to me. What also stood out to me was the fact that he never said he hated Bishop as a matter of fact he said “he loved him and the things he taught them” I just saw pain. Bishop has to refute this or we are about to hear our favorite words SETTLEMENT. Great Blog

  2. Hopefully, people will start waking up and realizing that most, if not all, of these megachurch leaders are nothing more than showmen that have found a niche to make them rich. And, by the way, since they are in show business, all profits should be taxed.

  3. It’s funny how they make it seem like this interview was so spontaneous. His answers didn’t sound nature. They’ve been planned. Not saying Long is innocent, per se. But this was exactly the smoking gun either.

    • What planet are you on smitty9812?! This interview was not planned. The young man spoke from the heart and looked directly into the camera. I have no doubt that he’s telling the truth.

      Not convinced by the “pastor’s” prepared statements.

      BTW, Andre: LOL @ pimpery! Never heard it quite like that. But I agree.

  4. I’ve held my thoughts as well, but “guilty until all parties are paid off”, as it were. I heard that somewhere before. Was it from you? Well, apropos. Peace.

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