People have been asking me what I think about the latest sex scandal rocking the black church involving megachurch pastor Bishop Eddie Long and four men accusing him of sexual coercion. My thoughts are best summed up in response I left to a friends’ Facebook status:

I say this at the risk of getting serious egg in my face should the accusers wind up being full of ish, but I was pretty compelled by this young brother’s [Jamal Parris, one of Long’s accusers] story. Forget Long’s claim: if there was EVER a “David” in this story, it would be a virtually unknown person making claims against one of the most prominent religious figures in the country. If anybody has odds stacked against them, it’s these four cats.

I watched the video. I see nothing but truth in this dude’s eyes. But still, people can deceive us (lest we forget the recent story of that crazy chick who got a hoard of attention/sympathy by making up some BS story about a black woman throwing acid in her face). So leaving out the possibility that these four dudes are making stuff up is farcical. But whether or not Fast Eddie is guilty of THIS incident in particular, I still believe that he reigns as the pimp of all pimps. Evidence of his pimpery has been especially underscored by how a legion of people are glomming on to his every word without even asking the most basic of questions. But even outside of this scandal, he pimps his congregation and his “ministry” every single week. That kind of pimpery is fueled by an uninformed and brainwashed congregation; a congregation led to believe that questioning/being critical of a pastor is wrong. They put man ahead of God. Stories like this are usually the outcome.

Though this post appears to be a stinging indictment of Pastor Long as a sexual predatory, it’s not. I’m sincerely trying to reserve my thoughts of guilt and innocence in this particular case until a verdict has been rendered by a jury or a settlement has been made (innocent, until proven guilty right?). But I DO know for sure that pimpery exists. For the longest time, I was a member of pimped out church. I see this in action every Sunday. This isn’t something just made up out of thin air…even if the sexual accusations against Long may be.

Pray for our leaders. Support them. But never miss out on an opportunity to put their feet to fire should they get out of pocket with the Word. It won’t just be them held accountable.