3 comments on “The Next Big Thing

  1. Of course, I am in complete agreement. Unfortunately for me, this comes late as I thought the world’s mind was lost long ago! Is there no hope? It reminds me of people being famous for being famous, like the Kardasians – I have no idea who the h*ll they are and why they are always in the news. 50 Tyson has gained prominence and for what? Absolutely nothing! :throw hands into air, side-eye in tow: Peace.

  2. Wow. I had a look at the Sarah Palin video. This was the first time I really paid any attention to what Palin said. All I can say is that you guys almost had her as vice-president and if something happened to McCain, she could have been president! What a narrow escape……it could have been the end of intelligent life as we know it.

  3. hey Andre, i see you still got it going on over here. lol! i am one of the somehow unfamiliar people regarding 50 Tyson. as a matter of fact, i was reading your blog post to my daughter, and i said “Tyson who is 50 (yrs old)” cause i thought that was what you meant. but may daughter (bless her) said, “oh, you mean 50 Tyson?” wow, never even heard of the man (boy?) til now. seriously. no, i mean seriously.

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