The world – as I know it – has lost its mind. Over half the country voted for George W. Bush…twice. Tyler Perry plays and movies continue to generate a fortune. Alvin Greene is legitimately a Democratic candidate for Senate. And now, 50 Tyson has a documentary. Seriously, he does. Seriously. He does.

For those of you somehow unfamiliar with Mr. 50 Tyson, he first got his fame from being a YouTube sensation; despite his best efforts:

Exhibit A (over 2.7 million hits):

Exhibit B (over 1.6 million hits):

I guess I can’t hate on the dude’s…uh…success [???]. He’s certainly getting a lot of attention in the hip hop community, not saying much. But I still think there’s something fundamentally wrong with egging on people’s silliness, when we (and they) should know better. A few pretty obvious examples immediately come to mind…


William Hung (in his defense, though, at least he sounds better than Ricky Martin):

And of course, Sarah Palin:

Yet, their fame grows by the day. This further emphasizes my original thesis: this world has lost its damn mind.