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  1. “It’s my prayer that we won’t need another 9/11 to remind us of how we should be as humans. I also pray that those we should be honoring didn’t lose their lives in vain. Time will tell us a little something about what lessons we learned from 9/11.”

    snap snap… unfortunately how we even understand these concepts all depends on how we remember/what we understand about 9/11 sigh.

  2. Amen brother. You are right to remind us to see through the commercialization and politicization and remember that innocents were slain by fanatics using religion to kill instead of seeding love. God is grieving for man’s folly.

  3. I was having breakfast with my brother, as is our usual wont, and we were aghast. I scurried home and tried to decide what to do about the kids – they were at school. Went to get them and a few of their friends. I called in to to work to say that I would not be coming in – my 1st instinct was to drive to NYC and lend a hand. I was dissuaded from that idea and spent the day watching the reports. I was still working with VERIZON at the time and had co-workers (ones that I spoke with every other day)working on the 10th or 11h floor of one of the towers. I was shocked to the core.

    In less than two days time, my conspiracy theory instincts kicked in. I was certain that the situation was perpetrated by the U.S. government to put fear into the hearts of Americans in order to make us think that laws need to be passed that ultimately violate our personal rights as citizens but would be for the better good of the masses. Along came Homeland Security, The Patriot Act, and a wealth of other passages of law that take away our freedoms.

    The argument has been hashed and re-hashed, then hashed again, so, let’s not go there. I have my thoughts, others have theirs. Whatever the truth is, I shed a tear for the dead every time the Twin Towers come to mind. I realized that co-workers close to me had lost their lives by carrying out a simple task – showing up for work. Tragedy almost always brings us all together, but, sometimes, I wonder about the real reasons behind the tragedies that create the ties that bind.

    Nice post. Peace.

  4. Hopefully, we will never have another president who would allow this to happen to us again. Hopefully we will never have president who plotted for to have this attack happen for political purposes.

    • Anon,

      I hope you’re not seriously implying that President Bush had anything to do with masterminding the Sept. 11th attacks. I don’t like the guy as much as the next person, and I don’t like the way he morphed Bin Laden (and Afghanistan) into Saddam (and Iraq). But if you’re buying into all that Truther nonsense, you’re a fool. Plain and simple. Bush did some pretty evil things. But as for staging 9/11? Let’s leave that to the 19 knuckleheads who did it.

  5. 9/11 is a day most all of us remember vividly. Our reactions as a country to that day have and will continue to be hotly debated, but today let us just remember the victims and their families.

  6. I happened on the news by chance…on the Internet, just after the first plane hit. As Number Two was rounding the turn for impact, I called my brother in California and told him to turn on the TV. He asked, “What channel?” and I replied, “Pick one.” Details that stick.

    But then I also remember where I was when JFK was shot.

    And hearing all the car horns in Los Angeles on VJ day and wondering what had happened.

    Those things stay with you forever. They are things that MUST be remembered.

    God Bless America.

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