4 comments on “Labor-less Day

  1. It’s gotten pretty sad. I just hope that the pubic remembers where we came from and make a conscious effort not to go back there. I say that positive things have happened since The O-Man took office, despite the bad, and that with another term for him, we can only get better – at least we certainly won’t get back to where we were. It’s pity, too, that we remain stuck in a two-party system. An independent has no hopes of winning a major election. But, right now, we have what we have and I think that to let the Republicans back in so soon would be a grave mistake. Peace.

  2. Obama is still doing fine. Don’t expect anyone to solve your problems and make him responsable for your life. No one will ever be a perfect President as there are too many different people, groups, companies to satisfy. He is doing great but 99% of effort has to come from you if you want to have a better life. Even Jesus got crucified at the end….

  3. Hey Dre,
    I’m not sure what you meant by, “The private-sector only added about 67,000 jobs…for all you “let the free-market rule” people.” This hasn’t been anything close to “Free Market”. What it has been is a subsidized, Keynesian economy that I have now named “Demonics”. The problem with throwing money at the problem (I.E. The Recovery Act) is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money and you have created a false economy that is now dependent. Like everything that is dependent, it atrophies and then has a hard time standing on it’s own when the support is removed. That may well be the same problem that African-Americans are experiencing in the job market. The dependency that has been created for blacks in this country has created a perception that blacks are not the ideal employee because of it. If you look at the median income of blacks and hispanics (along with the unemployment rate) you find that they are at the bottom of the earning pile, while asians, middle-easterners and several other groups that don’t depend on the charity of the Democrats out earn even whites. Site; http://www.bls.gov/opub/ted/2008/oct/wk4/art04.htm

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