5 comments on “Heat Packin’ Granny

  1. Dude is gonna catch H*ll when he hits lock-up! I have always been a proponent of gun-ownership. It is not only our right but a necessity in these days and time. Peace.

  2. Congratulations to the gun packing grandma. Our safety is being threatened daily by the bad guys and finally someone stands up to them. She needs to become the poster person for the right for good citizens rights to own guns and protect themselves and family.

  3. God bless this woman. I think I’m going to nominate her to be the new Director of Homeland Security.

  4. Excellent,straightforward response to a home invasion….but she may want to consider a larger caliber! This is a prime example of WHY we need guns….crime is on the upswing….criminals are becoming bolder..but I’m sure that there are some out there that would say.”She could have called the cops”…by the time the dispatcher got them on the radio AND if they were not already tied up on another call it would all be over by the time they arrived. Most departments are stretched pretty thin as it is…All of us do not live in gated communities with security…we have to depend on ourselves when such a threat presents itself…

    • You are right. Police really don’t prevent anything. All they do is clean up afterwards and try to find out who did it. If you are relying on the police to protect you, you have a false sense of security. I once had a neighbor who dispised guns. I asked him once what would he do if in the middle of the night 3 guys on drugs broke down his front door. Would he try to reason with them? Would he try to talk them out of it? His response was that he would call me. I told him not to bother because I would not put my life on the line for someone who willingly chose not to be able to defend himself!

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