25 comments on “The Love Doctor

  1. This is a prime example of how book smart people can do the dumbest damn things. Not all that different from politicians. Degrees, tuition, and textbooks obviously don’t always make a person intelligent.

    • lol! so true. i guess people can be really smart and really dumb at the same time. love makes us do foolish things, i guess.

    • Duet2u :This is a prime example of how book smart people can do the dumbest damn things. Not all that different from politicians.

      Like Sarah Palin and Alvin Greene?

  2. Dre, I know you’re trying to be sensitive to this woman. But she’s a flippin dunce. One, she’s plumb dumb crazy over a man. Two, she does some ignoramus mess like climbing down a chimney like she’s f**** Santa Claus. I don’t shed any tears for her dumb ass.

  3. I’ve had my fair share of bad relationships. But never anything like this. As bad as some of my breakups were, I never had to be dug out of a chimney. Apparently, I’m going pretty good for myself.

  4. All jokes aside, this is a horrible way to die. On top of that, this will be her legacy. Never mind the work it took for her to become a doctor, or the respect that comes with her practice. She’s going to be remembered as the crazy woman who got herself stuck in a chimney trying to break into her ex-boyfriend’s house. Tragic.

    If she went to that extreme, the next step should’ve just been to say ‘he ain’t worth it.’

  5. I can also see how hard it is not to make jokes about this. But the fact of the matter is: a woman is dead, whether she had it coming or not. We all make terribly bad choices sometimes under the influence of strong emotions. They’re not always of the romantic nature, but we do. Thankfully we don’t wind up dead because of them, and we can move on with our lives.

    • KC, what makes this story funny – YES, funny – is that she DID have this coming. Only the dumbest of asses would try what this woman did. Blame it emotions if you want. I blame it on stupidity.

    • Duet, you’re making it sound like she deliberately walked into certain death for a man. She was stupid, yes. But not suicidal. At least I haven’t read anything to suggest that.

    • KC, The reason this story is so funny is becasue this dumb broad tried to climb down a chimney. A chimney. Once again…because I don’t think you grasped the full concept of this story. A CHIMNEY. If she wanted to break in, why not just break a window or something.

      Last time…a chimney.

  6. Thx, Freddie for the re-iteration. “A CHIMNEY!!!!”. For cryin’ out loud! I have never felt THAT passionate about anyone. I hope that my facilities remain intact in the future. Just walk away! The same goes for those who take others lives, usually a man whose woman has dumped him and now he holds her (and sometimes others) hostage, killing them and taking his life – all because someone doesn’t want to be them anymore. Just walk away. I feel sorry for this human being, but, feel this woman was a dimwit of the highest order. I hope that no one ever feels that passionate about me. Peace.

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