5 comments on “Due Credit

  1. How could you forget to give the GOP kudos for giving us the Patriot Act? My phone conversations haven’t been quite the same.

    • C’mon J. Alex. This is about Iraq. We’ll have plenty of time to thank Bush for all of his other “Greatest Hits” during his induction ceremony into the Hall of Fame.

  2. Before The O Man was two minutes into his speech, I could hear Bush’s cronies taking bows already. I believe that one of the most common causes of all of my troubles stem from other people’s lack of logic and reasoning. Conservatives, Republicans, and other such right wingers never fail to let that truism shine brightly. The things for which Bush and company need to be credited are usually blamed on their opposition. Then, again, the public has such a short memory that they (Bush, et al) are able to pull it off with such ease. Peace.

  3. Then let him have the “credit”, whatever that means. It appears that the only thing the entire Iraq debacle has accomplished was to further destabilize an already destabilized region. If the GOP want’s that “credit”, then by all means…

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