I’m sorry yet again for the break in action. This time it wasn’t my fault. WordPress is on some other stuff lately, and I’ve been having the hardest time creating new posts.

One of the most recent posts consistently causing my blog to crash (as an omen, perhaps?) was a piece I wrote about the President finally putting an end to the combat mission in Iraq. To wit:

I was going to rewrite that piece, but another storyline now takes centerstage.

As if on cue, conservatives have been virtually demanding that Obama give all the credit to Bush for this monumental moment in history. Folks of the same conservative ilk so quick to implore that we “stop blaming Bush” for everything have now insisted on making the success (and, of course, the term “success” is a serious misnomer in regards to this mess in the Middle East) all property of Bush. OK, stop laughing.

Well, the humble host of this blog will bite. Per the request of our brave and intrepid conservative warriors, I will happily offer President Bush the credit he deserves for Iraq:

  • Good move on completely disregarding the memo entitled “Dude, seriously: Bin Laden is right behind you.”
  • Nice work in depleting a surplus through insane war spending and not making it up in revenue.
  • The move to allow contracted mercenaries to spread havoc in the streets was brilliant. Much better than what Saddam could ever do.
  • Your jokes about not being able to find WMDs were pretty funny…even though that actually was one of the reasons you pushed the war in the first place.
  • Just as Bin Laden wanted, this country was brought to its knees financially. We have your policies to thank for that. Oh, and that “off the budget” practice you lived by? Epic.
  •  You proved me wrong. Policy makers could do worse at managing a war than in Vietnam.
  • You successfully pissed off our enemies and friends alike. Now THAT’s real talent. I can only seem to piss off my friends.

Now, if conservatives are in the mood, I can also issue my thanks to Bush for the economic calamities we’re facing now. But for now, let’s stick to the war effort. So in short Mr. President (Bush), thank you. No, sincerely. Thanks.