3 comments on “A Giant in Alaska (like it or not)

  1. I hate having mixed emotions. I grieve for the worst of them but I just wish sometimes that I either hated the person (Bush et al) or loved them (Obama) and none of this iffy stuff (Stephens). Glad to see that you are fair. Peace.

  2. hey Dre,
    While I sympathize with the family of Ted Stephens and in no way would celebrate his death, he wasn’t a politician to be honored. He wasn’t exonerated for his lack of ethics and his crimes which included taking $250,000.00 in bribes and free home renovations. His trial was overturned based on U.S. Justice Department malfeasance designed (I believe) to remove a Republican Senator and embarrass one Sarah Palin. Six of Eric Holder’s prosecuters are themselves on trial for hiding or withholding evidence and tampering with witnesses. for more go to: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/04/07/AR2009040700338.html?referrer=digg
    BTW, I respect you for not falling into the trap of using this to further slam Sarah and just as I said with Robert Byrd, none of these criminals deserve our sympathies. They prey on us, the people, for personal profit.

  3. Hey Dre,
    A little clarification. After re-reading my comment, I realized my statement “Six of Eric Holder’s prosecuters are themselves on trial” makes it sound like it was Holder who was part of the malfeasance. He wasn’t. It was before Obama took office that the infraction occured. Holder actually was part of throwing the verdict out. I didn’t want to cause any confusion, I just meant that Eric Holder should hold these men responsible as they now work for him.

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