17 comments on “Permitted: Character Assassination

  1. Forget being kind-hearted. She needs to sue Breitbart and Fox News for everything they have. This is an obvious and purposeful attempt to defame her character. At the very least, it’s just lazy reporting.

  2. It’s interesting to see all of the back-pedalling being done now by everyone involved EXCEPT Ms. Sherrod. She has never wavered from her message.

    Breitbart and Fox News’ conduct was, at the very least, lazy reporting. It could be looked upon as malicious. It’s pretty clear that the NAACP and the government jumped the gun.

    Andre, I agree with you: Ms. Sherrod deserves an apology immediately.

    • Great point about the NAACP Deb. Somewhere lost in this discussion is the contributing role they added to this nonsense. I spent all my time focusing on the White House, Breitbart, and Fox News, when the people who should have REALLY been brought to bear were those who should’ve been Sherrod’s biggest allies.

  3. Hey Dre,
    I’m kinda divided on this one. On the one hand, I’m glad to see the race-baiting come back and bite one of it’s own. However, the fair and consistant side of me says that, “wrong is wrong” and no matter how much character assassination, and “guilty by association” is done on race by the MSM on Tea Partiers, Republicans, Talk Show Hosts and Fox News, I can’t advocate someone being railroaded by misinformation. Everyone should think about that when they apply it to media reports like the Valerie Plame story that we now know was a complete misrepresentation of the facts, proven by the confession by Richard Armitage and affirmed by Miller, Novac and Woodward. Obviously, Ms. Sherrod deserves an apology and her job back. However, after watching the entire video, I’m still taken back by her statements that a humbled farmer (If you don’t know farmers like I do, they are the proudest, most self-reliant people in the world) was somehow acting “superior” to her in his moment of shame, does seem to show a pre-judged view of white people.

    • thehc :Hey Dre,However, after watching the entire video, I’m still taken back by her statements that a humbled farmer (If you don’t know farmers like I do, they are the proudest, most self-reliant people in the world) was somehow acting “superior” to her in his moment of shame, does seem to show a pre-judged view of white people.

      Without actually being there to witness the conversation, I can’t offer much comment. But I’ve been in positions where I serve others. Hell, my current job includes me offering support to others. I know the feeling of being treated like an inferior because of my race, my age (though I AM getting older), my education, or any other descriptors. So if it went down the way I think it may have, something probably left Sherrod to believe that she was being talked down to, disrespected, or not given the reverance that came with her position. I don’t know…you’ll have to ask her.

      But what NEEDS to be taken from this story is how she admittedly harbored ill feelings, but was able to work through them – and work through her opposition – to see the trees from the forest. Ultimately, she put aside whatever issues she may have had with this farmer and saw him a person in need. That, more than any personal contempt she may have had for this man, dictated her actions.

      • Hey Dre,
        Which is the main reason I would give her job back. At least she showed she could still be fair despite her feelings. That’s a trait that shows character. I’ve also heard an interview with the farmer who praised her for her help.

  4. From this tomfoolery, we can come to two conclusions: One, Fox News really IS FIXED NEWS. The take stories and shape them in a way to tell one side (a half truth), proving that they are not a news organiztion, but rather a propoganda arm of the Republican Paty. Secondly, it is obvious that the Obama White House has been defeated by Fox News, to the point that they are more concerned about quickly responding to Fox’s news distortions than actually getting the true news story before reacting. Both Fox and the White House look terrible in this situation.

  5. The issue here is that the NAACP tolerates racists. The crowd does not react to her ugly racists comments in the YouTube video. It is frightening to know we have a government that tolerates racists like Sherrod and looks the other way at the criminal behavior of King Samir Shabazz. Meanwhile, patriotic, peace-loving Tea Party members are smeared by the mainstream media.

  6. Andre, I’ll remember this post the next time you link to anything from The Daily Show.

    • Thank you, Josh. Somebody with some sense. Liberals will praise Jon Stewart for editing clips, but vilify Fox News for doing the same. Mr. Hypocrisy: best friends with a liberal.

    • Josh, I know you tend to disagree with things I say. That’s fine. But you’ve GOT to be kidding me, right?

      Jon Stewart regularly provides admissions that his show satirizes the media and pop culture. It’s pretty obvious how he uses various editing tools to create his show. But at the heart of it, he still uses credible citations to make this claims when it goes beyond just being comediac. On top of that, he at least uses clips to distill truth as opposed to DISTORTING truth. Big difference.

      Tucker Carlson tried to use the same defense you are now, and he got his hat handed to him for it.

      Fox News, in the meantime, is considered a legitimate news organization. Yet they resort to some of the same tactics. “Mistakes” in their news tickers, “accidentally” using incorrect photo stock, not fact-checking, and failing to do basic research are all staples of FNC. Like clockwork, they use every non-journalistic play in the book to skew public opinion and to satisfy a particular viewpoint.

      For all the conflicts you and I have had in the past, this one shocks me. I’m truly shocked to see that you can’t tell the difference between a comedy show with satire and a network ostensibly committed to “news.”

      • Can we please stop acting like Fox News is the only station guilty of producing less-than-accurate news? MSNBC is the king of lying…probably why their numbers are in the tank.

    • Josh, you’re a buffoon. I don’t know what Daily Show you watch, but Jon Stewart is no champion for the left. He mocks Obama and Dems all the time. It just so happens that Republicans make for better material.

      But the bigger issue – the one you can’t seem to wrap your head around – is that the Daily show is ENTERTAINMENT! It’s a flipping comedy show. Fox News claims to be a legitimate news organization that…sorry, I’m trying to contain my laughter here…is fair and balanced.

  7. Let’s not forget that it wasn’t FOX that led us to believe that only black people were killed in Katrina (they were approx. 1/2 the deaths), like the MSM did. It also wasn’t Fox that claimed Bush dodged his National Guard duties like Dan Rather did. It also wasn’t FOX that claimed Valerie Plame was outed By Cheney instead of by Richard Armitage like the MSM did. If you stop the tunnel vision on FOX, I think you’ll see it’s been going on for quite a while by all our media. I sometimes get the impression that it’s only a problem for some of you if it comes from FOX Network.

    • (1) Maybe my head was buried in the sand somewhere, but I can’t recall reports suggesting that only black people died in Katrina. Kanye may’ve hinted at that, but he’s an idiot. I’ll look around and try to find some sources.

      (2) Dan Rather’s misreporting (lying, maybe?) essentially cost him his career and most of his storied journalistic integrity. Meanwhile, Fox News will continue controlling the airwaves. Very hard to compare to the two.

      (3) Dick Cheney’s role in the Plame affair – as far as I can tell – was never really resolved. It was reported that the New York Times hinted at it, but with the White House being mute, no conclusions were drawn about if Cheney said anything or to whom. Jury might still be out on that one.

      Still, HipCon, your point is well taken.

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