8 comments on “The Curious Case of Alvin Greene

  1. Confession time: I used to live in South Carolina (and I’m SO glad I left). One behalf of those still there, I have to apologize to the world for this. I’m soooo sorry! Forgive us, for we know not what we are doing.

    • You’re forgiven, Sandra. The rest of your former state, however? A beatdown is in order.

  2. Hey Dre,
    I LOVE this guy! The modern version of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington! How much worse could he be than Jim Demitt? It would double the African-American representation in the Senate and throw out another God-awful, greedy, piece-of-shit incumbent that helped (along with his Democrat counterparts) throw our entire economy into chaos. Hell, maybe he’s even dumb enough to believe he got put there to represent us and not corporations and advocacy groups.

    • thehc, are you flipping kidding me?! The man is incapable of answering even simple questions without someone standing off camera telling him how to answer. Is this the kind of person who would sit in during SCOTUS confirmation hearings? Work on important committees? Draft and debate legislation? I’m all for equal treatment, but everything ain’t for everybody. I do not want the person who can’t answer a simple math question to engineer the car I’m driving, or the biology failure to be performing my heart surgery.

      Even though most of us aren’t from South Carolina, we all have a stake if this guy is elected…or if he’s NOT elected and an idiot like Jim DeMint is back in office again.

      • LOL J.Alex,
        Some of what I said was a little tongue-in-check. However, if it’s all that tough being a Senator and requires all that much intelligence, how do you explain Robert Byrd, who in his late years would fall asleep during hearings, and would wander off subject and forget what he was talking about? Or Strom Thurmond who, at over 100, who would ask, “Where am I?” to his aids as he was on the Senate floor? Much less Ted Kennedy who’s own Dad once called him “The idiot of the family.” Gore was a C- student, Bush was a C student, Kerry never did release his records, McCain was damn near dead last in his class and crashed 4 planes. I’m not all for electing idiots-be he sure wouldn’t be alone.

  3. You have to admit that it’s impressive that he’s just NOW doing a campaign speech, AFTER he won the primary. It must suck for the other guys who lost to him.

  4. Oh, get over yourself Andre. The reason Democrats don’t want Mr. Greene running is the same reason they’re afraid of Gov. Palin: he’s a minority who doesn’t neatly fit into the role liberals want them to fit in. He has a right to run but since he was not the Democrats’ choice, he’s somehow the wrong man. The people made a choice that they didn’t want the usual lying, cheating, classist Democrats representing them. Run against the Democratic platform and people call you an Uncle Tom. Upset the ‘natural’ order of things, get your name dragged in the mud. Liberals amaze me. You talk about how Republicans take advantage of minorities, then you do the same thing.

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