The following is why I hate Fox News with all my heart and soul.

I’m sure by now, you’ve heard about the case against the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation. In a nutshell, the Department of Justice was accused of botching a lawsuit against the NBPP after two members of the party were videotaped trying to discourage white people from voting. The DOJ focused their lawsuit on one man in particular – Samir Shabazz – who was seen brandishing a weapon (a nightstick) at the polling site. Conseratives have been in an uproar because the DOJ cited insufficient evidence as a part of their justification in dropping the charges on the entire party, while focusing solely on Shabazz. If you’re interested, feel free to read the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights’ report on the NBPP Investigation by clicking here.

As far as I can tell from what I’ve been reading on this story, it doesn’t seem like anybody is in dispute about the actual voter intimidation. It’s all there, in living color:

The area of dispute is in the contention that the DOJ failed to respond sufficiently enough to the entire party – an issue first raised by right-wing activist and former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams and then promulgated by Fox News. **Digression: as a general rule of thumb, never trust a lawyer who uses an initial for his first name. End of Digression** Though the DOJ did in fact file an injunction against the entire party, it was ultimately determined that insufficient evidence existed to make this case about the entire group. You know, like how a few scattered racist asses at a Tea Party rally shouldn’t come to define the entire movement. Right?

The NBPP makes my head hurt as much as the next person, but can an entire national movement be brought to bear for the actions of a small subset of members? The DOJ said no, especially when the party itself has reportedly denounced the intimidation (if you visit this link, notice how abstruse the headline is. See how it sounds like Malik Shabazz is defending the actual intimidators? That’s vintage Fox News spin).

Anyway, back to why I hate that station. In the following clip, you see Megyn Kelly going beserk trying vehemently to push the NBPP voter scandal. What could have been a pretty civil debate about the idea of selective law enforcement turned into the rants and tantrums of a petulant child. Check it:

Folks on the right have been salivating over this. I suppose it’s the euphoria from seeing “their side” win a fight. But if by “winning”, you’re limiting yourself to being a rude, bullying, ass, is that really winning? Does being the loudest mean being the ‘rightest’? I mean, action was taken by the DOJ, just not enough to satisfy Christian, Fox News, and apparently Megyn Kelly. That was made especially evident in this puerile schoolyard fight miserably sold to us as “journalism.”

To be sure, political theatre is everywhere. Liberal stations don’t fare any better against their conservative guests. But this kind of bullying has become a staple on FNC. Viewers – as easily conditioned as Paslov’s dogs – gobble this up, allowing Fox to reign supreme in the ratings. If this is the direction of our political discourse, it won’t be long before we see people duking it out in a steel cage death match. Intellectualism and civility, be damned.