10 comments on “Bullies: Why the Panthers and Fox News should be BFFs

  1. that’s exactly whi i’ve stopped even foolin with it. i can’t ride with, for, or around blatant hypocricy. the good Dr. Funkenstein told us long ago that it’s all ‘jive and game and can’t be changed.’ the older i get, the more true i see it to be.

  2. Hey Dre,
    I think you hit on some great points! The only one I would disagree with is your comparison of the Tea Partiers and the NBPP. The Tea Partiers are constantly trying to fight the perception that they are racist (even if there is some evidence), the NBPP wallows in it and feels justified in it. When I went to the Tea Party rallies, several speakers said that they had to fight this perception and stay focused on issues like debt and taxes, I doubt very much that the NBPP is going to focus on anything other than race.

    • HipCon: Racism isn’t the over-riding sentiment of the Tea Party movement, but it IS there. Even if it’s in small doses. It’s nothing like the New Panthers, but I can’t say Tea Partiers have their hands completely clean.

      I won’t lie: a small part of me asks where this outrage was the last time we had a white president with equally destructive policies (a little less than a year ago). That’s one of the disadvantages of being black, I guess. I’m stuck wondering if these protests are really about policy or if they’re about something else. Still I won’t let that serve as the proof of racism being within the TP.

      But if the Tea Party wants to shake the image they’re being given, the NAACP is right: they need to weed out the fringe elements amongst them.

      • Hey Dre,
        I don’t think the Tea Party has racism as it’s sentiment at all. (And I’ve actually BEEN to a Tea Party Event.) I think that’s the same as saying it “isn’t the overiding sentiment” of the NBBP to “kill all the Cracker babies”, “but it IS there.” I don’t understand why it is that some groups are judged by their worst members, but others aren’t. I really believe this whole Tea Party/ racism thing is designed to distort their message of Austerity, (Which the left hates, because it THEIR turn to spend too much.). As far as, “where this outrage was the last time we had a white president with equally destructive policies.” I heard quite a bit of outrage over the Medicaid Part B and the TARP, but I’ll grant you, it wasn’t as much as now. Isn’t it possible that it was simply accumulative? They are reacting to 4 different trillion dollar acts. (Med. Part B, Tarp, Recovery Act, and Health Care.) Maybe they just have had enough of ALL the irresponsible spending. On your statement, “But if the Tea Party wants to shake the image they’re being given, the NAACP is right: they need to weed out the fringe elements amongst them.” Absolutely, and I would still agree if you turn the words “Tea Party” and “NAACP” around.

  3. So, you don’t like Fox News, huh? I suppose you like MSNBC, CNN, the Huffington Post, the NY Times and any other left-wing media outlets. For all the trash talk people have about Fox News, nobody can deny when they’re right. In this case, the ‘conservative’ viewpoint espoused by Megyn Kelly just happened to be correct. The Obama administration – by appointing Eric Holder – has failed in enforcing the laws on the book. If this was a Klan rally, they would not have made this case about one person.

    • Before you want to talk about Fox News, let’s turn the channel to the Chris Matthews Show. THEN tell me who the bullies are.

  4. I made it through about 3/4 of that video – I don’t like Fixed News and I don’t like shouting — I mean, “talking” heads. The combo was more than I could stand. This country’s version of “news” is a joke, with Fixed News leading the way. I agree with you: the DOJ’s actions could have been an interesting topic for a legitimate news organization to cover. But all we got is this idiotic mess.

    • Right! Sometimes I wonder why Fox News even bothers having “contributors” on their programs. Hannity, O’Reilly, and Kelly go a good enough job yelling over people’s heads. Just give them the whole show.

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