5 comments on “McChrystal: Not on Bush

  1. “For all the blunders and precarious situations Bush has left us in, to allow Obama’s hands to be clean of this is insane – AND politically ineffective.” Andre

    For my part, pundits can’t attack the Republican/Bush policies enough. The American people have short memories. If they aren’t reminded, and reminded often, how we got here–what we did to inherit these “blunders and precarious situations”–they’ll be tempted to repeat history.

    Republicans almost killed us off. Given another chance, they’ll finish the job.

    • Hey BD,

      I’m going to deviate a bit from the conversation about McChrystal here. But not much:

      I think a part of the problem is that the left’s platform in the media is dwarfed by the right’s. For all the talk about the “liberal bias” in the media, the folks over at Fox News reign supreme when it comes to making noise loud enough to reach people’s ears. They’re the ones pushing the irrationality and lunancy which is quickly weaving its way into American political discourse.

      Obama’s only way to combat that is with performance. If he wants to remind people of Bush’s blunders and shut the right-wing noise machine up at the same time, results have to be irrefutable and decisions have to be sound.

  2. Hey Dre,
    General Joseph P Hoar.
    General Hugh Shelton (joint chief of staff)
    General Anthony Zinni (head of central command)
    Lt. General William Odom
    General Charles H.Swannack
    General John Batiste
    Lt. General Greg Newbold
    Lt. General Robert Gard
    Brig. General John Johns
    Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez (commander of coalition forces in Iraq)

    Just a sampling of generals who criticized Bush on his handling of the wars and were not fired or retaliated against. In fact, he never fired any general for criticizing him. Maybe because the MSM would have cruxified him. President Obama needs to think about the statements and not just kill the messenger. BTW, I thought Petraeus was spelled “betray us” by the left, since when did he become the answer instead of the problem?

    • Hey HC,

      I suppose I can say this, since I’m not a military man. But I never had a problem with what McChrystal or any other generals have said in criticism of their non-military superiors. I completely understanding the mounting tension between senior military leaders and their civilian overseers, who tend to play childish political games and push hawkish behavior; without having a clue about the reality on the ground. They want to fight and win wars without strapping on a pair of boots, without marching through a hot ass desert, and without having to watch their buddies die in their arms.

      For the life of me, I can’t figure out why our “Commander-In-Chiefs” have never usually served themselves.

      As for Petraeus, I think it’s pretty obvious that Obama is meandering again in an effort to appeal the right. One day, he’ll learn.

  3. “They’re the ones pushing the irrationality and lunancy which is quickly weaving its way into American political discourse.”

    I couldn’t agree more. At a time when the country should be pulling together, Fox News chooses to exploit our political differences, and other divisions, to boost ratings.

    “If he wants to remind people of Bush’s blunders and shut the right-wing noise machine up at the same time, results have to be irrefutable and decisions have to be sound.”

    And therein lies the rub. Because this country is not a dictatorship, Obama cannot operate in a galaxy where’s he’s the only sun. Not only must he bow to the stars of his own party, but he must allow the moons of his opponents to shine as well, lest they eclipse his agenda.

    Remember Rush Limbaugh’s bold assertion: “I want Obama to fail!”

    When the opposition party’s aim is to destroy the other party by any means necessary, relishing in their obstructionism, “performance” and “results” become compromised, especially when the Democrat party must cope with blue-dog democrats, and a Republican party that stands largely locked-arm in their purpose to “water-down,” and obstruct the president’s agenda.

    We’ve saw that in the health-care battle, and now in the financial-reform battle, and most likely in the immigration-reform battle.

    We don’t need the president to be more resolute, we need a congress that’s willing to do the right thing for, and by, the American people, even if that means setting aside their partisan bickering, and their political ambitions to control both houses of congress.

    For all intents and purposes: The congressional arena is where the real power of this country lies. A truculent, and non-cooperative congress can bring any president to his knees. If the president doesn’t have a majority in both houses that’s willing to back his play, his job becomes that much more difficult.

    When Republican’s had the ball, they dropped it. Hence, the economic morass we’re facing in the form of a widening recession, as well as a Herculean effort to extract ourselves from two wars, thanks to them, a defiant Iran, and a host of other problems that automatically became the president’s problems when he took the oath of office, and moved into the White House.

    Although Democrats aren’t perfect by any means–but, in the absence of any other party who has a governance track record of any note–I’d still prefer to have Democrats guiding the ship of state than the Republicans.

    And that might call for–because of this nation’s notorious lapses in memory–daily reminders of just how bad it’s been, and just how bad it could be, if we continue to vote for the “Party of No,” and permit them to become, again, the “Party of Yes,” to all those things we voted them out for in the fist place.

    In our weakened condition, another blow to our midsection, or to our head, could be a mortal one. I don’t exaggerate.

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