I’m not sure if you’ve seen this video yet. It’s been all of the ‘net, just in case you haven’t. At any rate, it appears that a Seattle police officer is in the hotseat for going toe-to-toe fist-to-fist in a shocking scene that would make Brad Pitt and Ed Norton jealous. Check it:

I’m pretty torn on this one. Police brutality? Maybe. When the eyes of everybody are on police these days, they have a particular responsibility to defer on physical force as much as possible. If necessary, defend yourself. But dealing with irrate 17 year old females by throwing blows is not exactly the best route, especially when said teenagers are unarmed.

But a larger part of me is placing blame on the girls. They were clearly out of pocket according to what I saw on this video. Yelling profanities, attacking an officer, and showing blatant disregard for authority is liable to get a person in trouble. In many respects, they should be counting their blessings. Some minorities have died at the hands of police for doing much less.

As a black man, I’ve been noticing more disrepect of police weaving its way in urban communities. Some of it is justified, while some of it isn’t. I’m not sure what motivated this conflict, but the fighting that ensued could have been avoided.

Ironically, we tend to teach our boys and young men how to deal with confrontations with police…yet that conversation never gets addressed with our girls and young women. That could be a problem for us. A deadly problem.

Your thoughts?