10 comments on “Rumble in Seattle

  1. Well, I found that video very disturbing. The police officer did not seem to have control of the situation. I would have thought that he would be better trained to handle a belligerent individual. If he could not handle an unarmed 17 year old girl, how could he possibly handle a guy with a knife for example. The cop allowed the situation to become unnecessarily unpleasant. I can’t help feeling that either by better communicating with the girl or by physically immobilising her more effectively, the matter could have been resolved in a more satisfactory way. I do expect better from the police.
    But I think that you hit the nail on the head when you addressed the issue of a lack of respect of the law. I do believe that makes a whole lot of difference and that is something that Society must convey to the youth.


    • Hi LGS,

      I agree that police should be better equipped to handle adverse situations (more adequate training perhaps). But I also know that when adrenaline is pumping, tempers are flared, and emotions are escalated, it’s hard to keep a level head. While he did punch the girl, it’s much better than a heart-stopping shot with a taser.

  2. First of all, the girls were out of line. Secondly, it seems to me that the officer didn’t know how to take control of the situation.

    I know from experience that teenage girls can behave badly during a confrontation, and that’s unacceptable. You make a good point about educating our young women about how to behave during confrontations with police — and anyone else, for that matter.

    Questions: Did this officer not call for backup? Was he a rookie? It took him forever to cuff the one young lady. The girl who got it in the face shouldn’t have interfered. If the officer had been in control, he probably wouldn’t have socked her.

    There’s guilt on both sides. I’d like to hear the follow-up.

  3. BTW, I agree with you that lack of respect for the law seems to be growing. And, yep, that could be deadly for us.

  4. If there was ever a silver lining to be found, I think the other kids and bystanders in the video showed amazing restraint by not getting involved. I got the idea that they were pretty agitated and emotional about what was going on, but they kept their cool and made no moves to get directly involved beyond recording what they saw and making comments. Also, the one young brother who tried to keep the two girls at bay should be commended. Without him standing between the officer and the girls, things could have gotten a WHOLE LOT messier. We should give credit where it’s due.

    • Excellent point, KC. It’s so easy to focus on the negative aspects of this – or any other story, when we forget to accentuate the positive. Kudos to the bystanders for not trying this into “Do the Right Thing in Seattle.”

  5. When an officer stops you and issues you a citation, right or wrong you comply. If you disagree with it, challenge it in court. A street fight with an armed police officer will more than likely get you killed. These girls are lucky. They got out of control plain and simple.

    • J. Alex, Andre, etc.: would you all be saying this same thing about respect for the law if these were white girls? They give police officers just as much shit and they don’t EVER get the level of treatment black people do. This was excess, plain and simple. Anybody who can’t see that needs to have their eyes checked.

      I’m sick of people saying that they should’ve just taken the punishment and shut up about it. We have a GOD GIVEN RIGHT to challenge the police when they harrass us, especially when they don’t harass white people the same way. Forget that shit.

      • Anonymous :J. Alex, Andre, etc.: would you all be saying this same thing about respect for the law if these were white girls? They give police officers just as much shit and they don’t EVER get the level of treatment black people do.

        Are you sure you don’t wanna take that back?

  6. I was thinking about this very thing. We may feel that we have the right to challenge the police, but they have the right to give us (including women) a serious beat down! And guess what? They will win in a court of law if the case ever reached the court.
    We may not want to believe or accept it, but we’re living in a police state, and it’s brutality is growing. As black women, we need to understand that even we are “living while black”, just as the brothers are. We need to deal with the police in the proper “respectful” way–not because they deserve this “respect” but because we deserve not to take these beat downs!!

    And don’t even talk about the tasers! A young black 7 months pregnant woman carrying a frapacino in one hand and car keys in the other was recently tased! The reason? She apparently was a threat to the cop because she may have been mouthing off a little, or may not have been. An 87 year old gramma was tased recently! It goes on and on.

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