9 comments on “Don’t Look Back!

  1. This is an excellent blog entry. You’re right: We can’t rest on our laurels. The reason: There’s more to us than meet the eye, and we can become more than we were yesterday, and more than we are today. To be sure, we don’t have to respond to today’s challenges, today’s situations, and today’s circumstances, in the way that we responded to them in our past, or failed to respond.

    We can recreate ourself anew any time we choose. Yet, I extend this caution: It’s important to embrace the old you and the new you–the totality of you–what you have been, is now, and can become. Don’t throw anything away! Don’t renounce all that you have been, or repudiate it–of such, is Heaven made.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Andre! I needed to hear that. I am glad you were able to enjoy the message.

  3. Word! I’m glad that you shared that lesson with the rest of us. It applies to so many things in our daily lives. Excellent blog post, Brother Andre!

  4. Amazing post, Dre. You’re absolutely right by saying that holding to the past blinds us to certain truths that are waiting to be discovered. It also prevents us from moving forward and being able to see the good that is put in front of us. One of my life’s goals is to remove my doubts about the unknown and move in the direction God puts on my heart. Thanks for this inspiring message!

  5. A lot of times, we behave like children who love to touch that burner even though we are told not to. We like to run in the street when we’re told not to. We like to get full off cookies before dinner when we’re told not to. Both of my kids favorite thing to tell me is “Nothing happened to me” when I tell them not to do something and they do it anyway. We take our free will as far as we can possibly go, trying not to get burned. God wants us to listen to him and just do what he tells us. Don’t be like Lot’s wife. If God tells you to flee, run as fast as you can. If God tells you to not turn around, don’t turn around! What we don’t realize is that God has something much better in store for us if we only obey him.

    • What’s funny about what you said, SS, is that God made every attempt possible to protect Lot and his family from the city’s destruction. He even had his angels PHYSICALLY pull them out of the city. But all those safeguards still weren’t enough to get Lot’s wife to run and not turn around.

  6. Wow! It’s amazing how I was led to this blog. This post blessed me so much.

    As much as it pains me to mention it, this post reminds and the story of Lot’s wife reminds me of a dear friend of mine. One night he gave me a call to tell me that he had a shot of tequila with some friends. Normally, this wouldn’t be that bad. But the problem is, he is a recovering alcoholic. He hadn’t had a drink in over seven years. Yet, he was back on his way to hitting the bottle. All because he took a look back. He and I have experienced all kinds of difficulties in our lives, and his drinking was a large part of those troubles. But we were able to get through them. God rescued us like he did for Lot and his family. But in a flash, he went right back to the life we were all trying to leave. And just like: poof. A pillar of salt.

    It’s a very sad and heartbreaking story. Sometimes people just can’t let things go.

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